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Protection of sellers from an arrogant rude fiverr buyer using the id marcosi

Hi fellow fiverr sellers,

I will like to inform you all to avoid or cancel orders from this particular buyer

In a recent interaction with the buyer who during his first 3 orders was very satisfied with my work and then in an instance he started acting like I was his slave and bossed me around, its my policy that I provide utmost help to my buyers to keep them satisfied and receive the job they paid for. The buyer ordered 3 gig’s and all were based on wrong orders I directed him to the right gig’s and completed the job with perfection but he constantly came around demanding things which I cannot provide and it’s mentioned in my gig description clearly, however I did but he started demanding more and in an instance suddenly remarked me in a foul personal comment I reported his attitude to fiverr support about a month ago and was told to report him in fiverr messages to I’ll stop receiving his comments or messages and was asked to cancel all his orders the message exchange from the support center is as follows :

Kenn July 31, 2015 23:06

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry to see that you are having issues with this buyer. The order you have listed FO52922FE101 has already been cancelled. May I also suggest going to his messages and using the resolution center to report him which will also black future contact with him. hope this helps.

now I was lucky on this order being canceled but another order which I completed successfully at a future date was recently rated as follows:

my profile


Ignorant and self-righteous.

7 days ago

seller’s feedback


Guys please check my reviews even check marcosi review before this work he is very satisfied from me i can’t believe it.

marcosi is a flagged buyer I after researching and also approaching the seller who referred me to marcosi in a random seller search for marcosi’s job recently complained about his arrogant and rude attitude and many sellers have faced the same issue not to mention everyone complains about his communication skills and endless demands.

Please sellers avoid taking his orders if you have self respect it’s not out hate or revenge that I am posting this here its to protect you from being hit with personal taunts

a rate of another fiverr seller who faced the same issue:


I asked for my money back as they could not produce what I wanted in time. Instead they kept sending me new design.

4 months ago

seller’s feedback


he is fantastic person and it great to work with him


Excellent design, service and communication.

4 months ago

seller’s feedback


grade working with you

You may see he firsts rates you excellent and then suddenly in another order he manipulates you and insults you rating you very bad even if you keep helping him. I came across sellers who are also on behance with the same issue, please sellers protect you self esteem and dignity.