Protest the ridiculous fees -


After I get my third and last purchase completed, I’m done with Fiverr. A note to all sellers: I recommend that you pick a date and ALL of you go on hiatus for 10 days to protest the ridiculous Fiverr fees. Trust me - you do that and they WILL sit up and take notice. Hit 'em where it hurts - the wallet.


How much they charge ?


@liquorlist -

Nothing ridiculous about their fees at all.

You’re paying rent to rent a spot on their site.

You don’t have to worry about any cash upfront. You don’t have to pay hosting.

You don’t have to pay for the servers or the bandwidth.

You have absolutely no risk.

You don’t have to pay to advertise.

Look at it this way.

If I rent a store I have to pay rent no matter what. And bills. If I sell nothing… I still have to pay the bills.

With Fiverr you have no worries. You sell nothing you don’t pay anything.

20% is not a lot when you factor everything in. The cost of starting a site and than paying for any form of advertising alone is huge. Even then, with thousands of dollars spent on Ads to market your site you still wouldn’t come anywhere close to the “Foot traffic” Fiverr get’s.

But… as you are doing anyway… if you think it’s to high than simply don’t sell on Fiverr. Nobody is holding a gun to your hear making you do it.

Just my thoughts.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: You’re totally right about all of this for the 20% fee, but I think he might be referring to the new “processing fees” for buyers, not the 20% deducted from each order for sellers.


Yep. I thought it was pretty obvious but hey, what do I know.


Reply to @sunshy1:

Let’s put it this way - they should be calling it fiverrfifty now.


@liquorlist and @emasonwrites -

Now how would I know that? @liquorfest - Pretty obvious? How-so?

With a title like “Protest the ridiculous fees” and then nothing except them taking notice when it hits their wallet… how, in any way is it obvious you’re talking about the “New Fees” over the " Fee fees "?


Well, everyone else seemed to have gotten it but you, so I can’t really tell ya sweetcheeks. If you don’t have it by now, you never will. Cheers.


It was pretty obvious when he said his “third and last purchase”. Still, complaining about an extra fifty cents when some of the sellers on here deliver work worth 100 dollars for four dollars… geez


@liquorlist - Ahhhh. You called me sweetcheeks. LOL


@liquorlist I didn’t get it. I thought you were writing about the twenty percent as well until I read all these posts. Saying your third and last purchase could mean you finished your third and last gig. That was purchased from you Adding a Note to sellers just adds to me thinking it’s about the sellers and the twenty percent fees.

But since you’re talking about the new Fees I can say that I agree with you 100%


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I made that assumption because I went to his profile and saw that he was a buyer, not a seller. It wasn’t totally clear in the original post, but the 20% fee has been around since the beginning, I think, and the processing fee is new, so I figured that’s what someone would be more likely to be angry about.


Deliver $100 worth of work for $5 bucks?? Did you actually just say that:? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Gawd, thank you for the great comedic relief!

That was a good one!

You guys are something else. Just keep patting yourselves on the back as your buyers continue to leave the site in droves. I see post after post from sellers complaining that their sales have dropped off a LOT since the new fees were initiated. Keep on livin the dream people and that’s what your income will become - just a dream.

Done here. Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled self-indulgent back-patting.


(And here I was suggesting a very valid way for you sellers to halt the madness. This is some funny stuff right here boys!)


@blackfolder1 Not $4 if u transfer to PP, more like $3.92 = 78% from $5

Learn to do math… sheesh…


@liquorlist - Who just wrote anything about $100 bucks? Did I miss something?

And who’s patting themselves on the back? I actually see the majority of people agreeing with you?

With regards to the new Fee… I agree with you as well. I only stated that it wasn’t clear what you were talking about. As for the Fiverr income? I do fine.

And if Fiverr does curl up and die than so be it. I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

The new Fees suck. But just like the site itself… a seller shouldn’t offer a service if it outweighs the profit. If you have a service you sell for $50 bucks… don’t sell it on Fiverr. It’s that simple. Create a service where you actually can profit… and adjust it accordingly to compensate for their new Fees.

@bpcfix777 - I don’t really loose anything to Pay-Pal fees because I build up my earnings and take them out when there’s more.

It’s all a numbers game. You manipulate your service to compensate the change in numbers. You offer a service that corresponds to the price.

Sure. It sucks when new fees are added… really sucks. I agree that Fiverr makes more than enough with their 20%… but I also think that it sucks a loaf of Bread has increases like 110% in price over the last 8 years as well. Prices go up.

Still curious to know who’s been patting themselves on the back in this thread. Unless someones deleted their comments… I don’t see that.


Yeah, I decided not to take the troll bait. :slight_smile:


quote from @bpcfix777 "@blackfolder1 Not $4 if u transfer to PP, more like $3.92 = 78% from $5"

My math (Switzerland) is even worse.

  • The Buyer pays $5.50 so PP is based on that amount.
  • I get $4.00 from fiverr for a $5 gig.
  • PayPal gets CHF 0.55 (= $0.61) fixed plus 3.4% of $5.50 = $0.19; total = $0.80

    So after just fiver and PP, I have $3.20 left. That’s 64% of my sales price and 58% of what the buyer pays.

    I just arrived here, but I think it is time to leave!


Why does Fiverr charge more now to purchase a gig (no longer $5er technically now), but we as a seller do not get more? That’s my only gripe. I know going into it they will take a chunk out, but I feel if they charge more, we should get more.

We may be ‘renting’ space, but what about gigs with extras? For the same ‘space’, we shouldn’t be deposited the same exchange rate I think. I think the fees should be reduced on extras.

I’ve learned I just need to adjust the offering in order to account for the low rate of pay, but it is just a side thing for me; I feel for those who need it as a major source of income!

tentatio said: Why does Fiverr charge more now to purchase a gig (no longer $5er technically now), but we as a seller do not get more?
For the same reason that a few years ago (in the US anyway) just about every industry raised their prices on consumer products by 20-25% to cover the "increasing cost of fuel" for shipping and distribution. But now that fuel prices have dropped to insanely LOW rates (comparatively), not a single company has lowered their prices. In fact, many have increased steadily.

Corporations can do whatever they want. In the case of manufacturers and retailers, the only potential concern is losing some customers, who will be more than compensated for by the remaining customers paying significantly more for the products. In the case of businesses that function as agencies, such as Fiverr, the bulk of users are in positions where they don't have many better options, so they will continue to use the service in almost any circumstance.

As you pointed out, the sellers that rely on the income, are in essence, forced to stay. Buyers who can only afford to purchase lower-cost services are still unlikely to find anything cheaper, even with the additional fee.

It doesn't seem fair to the users, but Fiverr et al, is under no obligation to be considerate of anyone.


Like bigbadbilly said, if you really can’t justify selling what you’re selling for $5 (etc., etc., for extras), don’t sell it here. In one of Fiverr’s blog posts, I think the one about how to become a TRS, they said that what you sell for $5 should take you about 15 minutes to do. Sure, some buyers expect a lot for $5, but I find that most understand that they aren’t paying for hours of my time.

It’s our job as sellers to make sure that what we offer is worth our time, after Fiverr’s fees and after whatever fees your chosen withdrawal method requires.