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Prove Your Graphic Design Skills In MS Paint and Win a Prize*!


Sellers! It’s time to impress buyers with your incredible art skills and win absolutely no prizes despite the clickbaity promise. Attract feet loving folk, dismay art snobs or show the pros how its done here. As I have already showcased my expert work elsewhere, I feel it is time for others to share their masterpieces, preferably with their age in years and fractions (e.g. by Tim, age 4 and ¾). Helicopter parents welcome.


P.S. Photoshop and fancy graphics programs are banned. You’re stuck with the crappiest editor on your computer. Like GIMP, or whatever Linux. I’m not your mom, just create any old shit so we can laugh at it. Thx.

:jack_o_lantern: :zombie: :ghost: :spider: LET’S HAVE A HALLOWEEN MS PAINT PARTY IN HONOR OF [CENSORED]! :spider: :ghost: :zombie: :jack_o_lantern:
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What is your favorite Forum Topic?
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I’m using linux…no MS-Paint…hehe


And before Writer comes and goes “Do you know what you have drawn?”, relax this is all thanks to Jeff Bezos (AMAZON).

Reference upon request.


Gimp, then? :smile_cat:


I’m on!!! :slight_smile:

Love it!


This is my best effort yet!

by emmaki, age [censored]


The logo for my new graphic design gig:


Oops, I tried to use all the colors but I think I forgot blue. Please imagine this in there:



On Gimp…hahaha


@methark! Cheater! (It’s catwriter’s fault though) Gimp is too good for this competition. I demand you locate something closer to MSpaint in an online version and re-draw.

edit: and you forgot your age with fractions.


I agree! hehe! Let me see here what I can find…


LOL…ldgh;lskgsf g’sk h’kh df’h


I was inspired by a beautiful lady so I drewed her.

by emmaki, age 6.75 years

:jack_o_lantern: :zombie: :ghost: :spider: LET’S HAVE A HALLOWEEN MS PAINT PARTY IN HONOR OF [CENSORED]! :spider: :ghost: :zombie: :jack_o_lantern:
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My mad paint logo design skillz, dear Mam.

by logo4u, 7 1/2, retired university professor


my my, what big :eyes: you have…
her wig’s misaligned tho…


Impressive use of texture, @miiila, and a lovely contrast of colors, which really brings out the Fiverr motif. [quote=“miiila, post:13, topic:111514”]
by logo4u, 7 1/2, retired university professor

Multi-talented, too.


My GImp skills (sorry, I only have Gimp):

by kittylogos, 5


They lock me out for using Gimp @catwriter:grimacing:


Use it to create terrible art, and they might let you in again. :smile_cat:


Especially if you tell me how beautiful my drawing is.


I want my no prize.

What you mean locked out, they banned you? You mean we were supposed to read all that stuff in the OP before entering the competion? That´s unfiar.