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PROVED and GUARANTEED tips to get order for the NEW graphics design seller


**Hello Everyone,

As a starter graphics designer in fiverr, I find some important issue for the newcomer. If you are a newcomer on fiverr then you must struggling to get the order.
I was having the same problem when I started. I am gonna share a killer tips to get the order. I am gonna say something about BUYER REQUEST. which is so important for the new seller. Ok, here are the tips to get order from BUYER REQUEST.**

  1. You must have the perfect category selected for your gig in order to get buyer request.
  2. Be online always. Get the fiverr mobile app and be connected to your internet. Open your fiverr app and keep it as open in background always so that it never goes offline.
  3. Keep watching on your buyer request page. Whenever you start getting buyer request then don’t waste your time.
  4. If the buyer attach any then file then download it at the very beginning.
  5. In the mean time, read attentively what the buyer wants in his buyer request description. Try to understand everything if possible.
  6. Keep it in mind what you don’t understand.
  7. Open the attached file which you downloaded earlier and try to match with your buyer’s description.
  8. Now, if you understand minimum 95% of the description then start writing.
  9. Write "Hello/Hi at the very beginning with his name. If you don’t find his name then comment below. I will tell you how to find his name.
  10. Then start writing about his job. The writing could be something like how much you understand the job, you can do the job as he wants, write something about his job and attachment to prove that you read his requirements carefully and saw his attachment.
  11. Then ask him about your confusion regarding his job and description (if you have any confusion) and if you need anything from him for the job then ask him gently to provide or say something about that.
  12. At the end of your writing, write something attractive to prove that you are so curious and waiting to work on this project.
  13. One very important things, write something about how you will do the job, write something about if you have before experience of doing this types of project. This works a lot to convince a buyer.
  14. At last thanks him and ask him to gently that you are waiting for his reply.
  15. Then fix the budget. It’s important for a new seller. Try to bid a little bit less than his asking budget (if possible). Fix the delivery time. Try to fix it as less as you can. Fix the revision as unlimited revision.
  16. Now send it quickly.

Note: Don’t write more about you. Don’t write useless word. Try to write less but effective and about his job only. Because professional doesn’t like to waste time to read about you or your useless writing.
You can watch my gig if you wish https://â– â– â– â– â– â– /x5Fh38

Hope it will help you to get your order.
Thank you
Tarek Mahmud


Tell me how to find buyers name…


Why would you need the buyer’s name?


Have you read the article?
There he mentioned that
When I I will send a buyer request, then I should mention the buyers name at first
Ex: Hello jhon.

I don’t know it works or not, but I just have known it from this post.
That’s why only.


If you’re replying to a buyer request you don’t know the buyer’s username.

The OP isn’t around any more to ask - sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s okey. Thank you :blush:


Thats okay. thank you