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Provide an answer for a secret question

Hi everyone,

I was facing an issue reseting my password (could be compromised since i didn’t use the site since a while now)
so i contacted support service, they asked me to provide the secret answer, the issue, they do NOT tell you what the question is and that’s a big issue since i am associated with many freelance platforms & all of them have secret questions, i do know all my secret answers but the issue, fiverr support don’t tell you what the question yet they ask you to provide the answer, really frusterating, after providing them with all the questions & all the answers, dead sure it’s one of them and all are right , now no one answer in the support, is it just me or the support is really bad? please help

PS: please understand what i am saying, i need the question i provide the answer , that’s used in many platform to reset password, once you try it, they ask you the secret question a nd you do answer it

They need secure your accounts , so you need provide answers

Support will never provide you with the security Q/answers.

Many Sellers ran into this issue and they are very firm on this decision.

I totally understand the reason for it. It’s a security risk!

The only thing you could do is try and jog your memory. :walking_man:

If you can remember the possible Q & A’s submit them all to CS to break the case.


i didn’t ask for the answer, i asked for the question so i know what to answer, i think it makes sense