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Provide different services

Hello Fiverr people. I have a question. Can someone here be a logo designer for example and also have translation skills and add a gig about this skill? Can someone do that?


There isn’t any reason you shouldn’t do this if you are multi-talented :slight_smile:.


I thought that maybe clients will think that someone must be good in one thing and not do many things…

Some people do say that it is better to specialise in one area, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do this.


Yes, of course. Many sellers do that.

The only problem is if they’re not actually good in everything they offer. For example, if a logo designer who isn’t a native English speaker doesn’t speak English well, it’s one thing; but if that same designer also offers proofreading even though it’s obvious that they can’t do a good job (for example, their gig descriptions are full of mistakes), buyers might think that they’re just as bad at design, too.