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Provide extra 24 hours when a buyer requests modification

It just happened to me that one of my buyers has requested to modify my work with some added content that was not specified before. While i have no problem carrying out the modification, the soonest i can start working is after the deadline is already lapsed.

I suggest that when a buyer requests modification of the delivered work, the deadline should be incremented by 24 hours so that we have time to actually carry out the modification.

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If I deliver with less than a day left and I anticipate the client wanting changes to be made, I tell them to send me an inbox message instead of requesting modification, explaining that time will run out before I’m able to make any changes. I still do what they ask and the order won’t be marked as late :slight_smile:

PLEASE!! This post is so on poinnt… Ughhh…

I would love to do any needed modifications for an order but sometimes I just need more time!

I want this suggestion to be considered!! Attention to all Fiverr staff… haha.

Yes, please!!!

Good suggestion. Yes please! That will help a lot! :slight_smile:

I had once this experience. Waking up in the morning to see a gig marked as LATE at the other side of the ocean. And the funny thing was that the buyer was new on Fiverr and had clicked that button accidentally instead of sending a message :smiley:

Luckily customer support saved us!

THIS. THIS. THIS! I have buyers who go through multiple modifications and while I can send my first delivery within 12 hours, the modifications can sometimes span weeks.

Please extend the deadline time for modifications!

Reply to @kjblynx: I did this recently, but still had an issue. Or maybe it was just a glitch.

I set my modification extra to add 1 day, but when the customer selected the extra the order was immediately marked “late”. I think it’s because it was over two days after I delivered the artwork and what would have been the normal deadline that they selected it. So I’m guessing the system added the 24 hours, but it was retroactive to the original deadline. Therefore those 24 hours already came and went, so I was still late in delivering. I think it should add the extra time to whenever they choose the extra, even if it’s right close to the 72 hours “auto-close” window. Again, maybe this is how it DOES work, and I just encountered a unique bug.