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Provide FREE samples?

Hey guys!
Do any of you provide free samples, short of full ?

Personally I NEVER provide free samples, and ALWAYS refer potential clients to our impressive portfolio to get an idea on their own.

I would love to know, do you guys ever do provide free stuff for a potential big/small client ?
Does it ever pay off ?


Normally, I don’t give any FREE samples. When buyers request for samples, I ask them to refer my live portfolio. There are certain incidents that I had to provide sample designs but I put watermarks on all the sample designs. However nothing went to waste as they liked the designs & placed the orders. :slight_smile:


Know Your Value
Fiverr’s services start at $5.00. Although it can be tempting to offer promotions or discounts so that the orders will start rolling in, offering your work for free is not a recommended approach to connect with sellers. It is important to set your potential buyer’s expectation that your work can’t be obtained for free. It’s essential to know your worth as a seller and not to compromise it in order to attempt attracting buyers.


Totally true !
Most of the orders I deal with are in the $400+, and a sample can definitely close the sale quicker, however when dealing with these amounts, a sample can in fact take some time to make/create, hence why I only rely on my portfolio samples to convince the clients, which they always do ! Woohoo!


Dear Gal & Marianne:

If you search the forum posts, I believe Emmaki made some pithy remarks on this topic. There’s also a thread in which someone comments on how they appreciate a particular Buyer who was gracious enough to purchase a sample before their regular order.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the links.

Hopefully Emmaki will be along shortly with a haiku to make the point succinctly.

In the meantime:

Only a jerk, a jerk
Will demand you give free work
Say no to this perk.

Good luck,


Killing it with the memes!

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Would love to see the post !
Will be waiting patiently for our famous Emmaki :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. If they want a small sample, they can purchase it.


If it’s an especially large project, then they should have no problem paying for a $5 sample to test the quality.

As for smaller gigs, not everyone has a portfolio readily available, but I believe you can generally use your discretion to decide whether or not to provide the smallest possible sample you can.


My gut says it all depends on where you are with a Fiverr track record. If you have a large enough body of work, no samples. If you are just getting started, then partial samples may make sense.

I provided samples the first few months, and today it’s very rare.

Exception: I have a very large client who inquired yesterday and asked about a free sample. I told them I’d do the equivalent of my basic gig free and if they wanted a larger sample, I’d do it for $5, even if it was a few gigs worth.

That said, they are a national brand, and I’ve known about the company for decades. They have tens of thousands of dollars of work IF I can close the sale. So far they haven’t inquired about a sample, but the offer is out there.

I’m sure they are auditioning a half dozen or so in my VO category, so I’ll make an exception for them. This is rare for me.

Otherwise, I send most to my SoundCloud demo page. If they aren’t happy/impressed with those samples, I’m don’t see the value in creating an additional sample for them.


Damn, hope you get it !

Same here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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If making the sample is kind of fun and it alone is of no use for the buyer, I don’t mind too much.
Needless to say, that’s an exception.

I always provide a sample if anyone wants it, but the sample is the one I choose. I had a “buyer” who wanted me to transcribe 5 hours audio but just to show I can do the work, the guy wanted me to transcribe 10 minutes free. I was like. “Dear buyer thank you for showing interest in purchasing my service but what you are asking is IMPOSSIBRRRRRUUUUUUUU”

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I never provide free samples and I have always an on line portfolio to show what I did in the past and what I’m doing.
If the buyer is interested can purchase my services.
Otherwise I can’t waste my time to draw for free when other buyers have purchased my gigs

If by “sample” they mean work already done and paid for by other clients, sure. I don’t think I should create a sample from scratch for free.

I did This mistake right today, I found an *********** client who massage me said he wanted a free sample from me for video editing, Since I was new to fiver I thought that this could be the way for getting work so I agreed, It took hours to download his files, and another full hour for his task and then when I sent him his edited video he returned me disappointment, Am sure was edited video was not that bad be he exploited me, so Don’t do that mistake which I did

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