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Provide me some advice that will help me get orders

I’m a WordPress Developer. I opened a new account on the Fiverr Marketplace.
I could build my career in Fiverr for your advice. Please provide me some advice that will help me get orders. Pray for me for best journey.

Advanced hanks for your time.

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Share your gigs on social media sites and send request to buyer by using buyer request option search targeted clients those need your service by the help of google

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Thanks for your comment.
I ask a question why i get not any buyer request in my profile?

Here is my gig please see it & give me any suggestion for improve gig description, title & tag

Advanced Thanks :hearts:

Have you searched other gigs that are same service like you? check those gigs and then write title description with your own words don’t copy paste and try to make different title and description to other and bring a new thing that is not on fiverr.

Also you are new seller so it take time to get buyer request try to find client out side from fiverr and share link of your gig with them

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I appreciate your comment. Yes am a new seller on fiverr. I’ll try to write best title & description & make cover image. But right now show any buyer request in my profile for this reason i’ll open a ticket & inform fiver customer support center.

Best regard’s

How many gigs have you created on your new profile? You may need to make a few more gigs until you can see buyer requests.

Share your gigs on social media.

Thanks for your your comment. Now show buyer request but i already informed fiverr custom support for this issue then show it.

Are you sure if i share my gig social media then possibility get more sell in my gig?