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Provide support for Firefox

I contacted Fiverr support about a technical problem using the website with Firefox and I was told:

“Please note that Fiverr was developed to work optimally with Chrome and other browsers can cause issues from time to time.”

My suggestion is for Fiverr to design its website so that it will work properly when using Firefox.

Update: Please also provide support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. I have just found a bug using Fiverr when using Internet Explorer.


I prefer chrome. try it, you will definitely love it unless you have less memory :innocent:

I prefer Firefox, try it. You will definitely love it.

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I think chrome is best… previously I used firefox. now I am using chrome

Firefox has own place in our heart. So I prefer Firefox, even if Chrome may some more features.

Community at large should be supported.


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I prefer browsers that don’t automatically update themselves. I also prefer less memory usage. Regardless of how much memory I have. Only bad programmers use more memory because it’s possible to do so. I also don’t trust Alphabet.

@tigertech It’s not Firefox. It’s bad programming. (i.e. Firefox does not corrupt server database entries.)

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I use Firefox and limit use of Google products as much as possible as well as services from the other top 5 tech companies. Please add support for Firefox.


Sure Chrome is more popular, but Firefox doesn’t collect and sell all of my private data.
I use Chrome from time to time, but I personally am not a fan, your chart does not change the fact that some people, don’t like constantly being watched.


Use any other chromium based browser, like Brave.

Firefox is the first choice of developers. Chrome is really no more than a surveillance tool for google.

Brave is a google tool that people actually pay for to be surveilled … go figure …

No one under the age of 90 uses internet explorer.


Chrome bogs down and freezes on my older computer if I have multiple webpages open.