Provider has not delivered product


I worked with this provider before and he delivered the product on time. So i gave him a bigger order and gave him roughly 6 weeks to complete it. It has been over 6 months now. I would get excuse after excuse from him (vacation, change in office, death in family, etc). Now he does not return any of my messages. I have no clue what to do. Suggestions would be very much helpful for my situation.

Thank yoiu


Before typing my recommendation I think the first thing you should have done is not let this go on for so long. The longer the duration of undelivered work, the less anybody will take the matter serious.

With that being said you really need to contact customer support. Let them know about your current situation and then find a simple solution that can be implemented immediately. For all future purchases, I would give a month of slack before getting down to business. You really have to protect your own assets when someone cannot act professionally. Do not write reviews until a product is delivered and inspected either.


My friend, where do i find customer service to let them know what is going on.

thank you


I do hope that you resolve this issue. You are very welcome.


:eyes: You are phenomenally patient. You got the best reply, to contact Customer Service, already, if you come back to this thread and don´t mind the question: How, technically speaking, did you give him 6 weeks, since a seller can only choose up to 30 days in the drop down for delivery time, when sending an offer?


How does a seller keep an order open for 6 months?

Is it possible through continued disputes and extensions or revision? ** That would drive me nuts. **

I rarely ask for revisions, when I do, it’s typically once.


It was a complicated app that i asked him to make and i knew it would take time but did not think it would take this long. I have looked through this website for customer service but have not been able to find. If anybody knows the link, i would appreciate it if they could share with me.


This is the link to customer service

I am afraid you might have missed your chance to complain, as the funds are already in the pockets of the seller. As per the TOS, you have a 14 day time window after accepting the delivery to still make a claim.


No idea how that can technically work really. It would drive me nuts too, apart from that.
I had a customer, not long after I had started on fiverr so I didn´t really know all the workarounds and only knew the highest possible delivery time is 30 days, who wanted to give me 6 weeks for a ~50K words book, but I had no idea how to even do that ‘technically’ apart from having to ask for time extension through the resolution center even inspite of the agreed time being 6 weeks. I solved the ‘problem’ by saying I´ll make it work within 30 days’ and I made it work, partly by declining a few inquiries, which was no problem, since I did have enough to do with that job. Still I´d like the possibility to choose 6, 7 or even 8 weeks from the delivery dropdown rightout for such cases instead of using workarounds.
Since there only are workarounds though, I´m curious on how others do it always, maybe there is a best or a least annoying workaround. :wink:


Where do such buyers exist? :confused: I really want some.


That would be nice, but then we would also need a system with milestones.


Well, I do have some buyers who pretty much tell me ‘do it when it suits you’, they exist, which is great, but of course I´d either do their order eventually and not keep pushing buttons for time extensions, or, if there really were major things like a death in family and I couldn´t work on the job, offer them to cancel.

I don´t ever want to have to look at the same order sitting on my dashboard to-do list, staring at me every time I log in, for six months for sure. :wink:
Well, unless someone asked me to do a new translation of all three Lord of the Rings books maybe. :wink:


Josh and mjakkermann shared the link already, if you need it in future, you can find the link when you scroll down on the page, not this page, it´s in the footer.

I think it´s still worth to contact Customer Support, even if the time window for complaints may have closed, they might still do something, this seems really like a case where the seller pushed it to get past those time windows, don´t think they´ll like that.

Good luck and with finding someone who really will do your app, too. Fate surely owes you an awesome and puctual app maker the next time.


Yes, I have these clients as well, but I already see the complaints on the forums from both sides.
A buyer: I waited for 8 weeks for the client to complete a website project and on the last day, he finally showed me something and it is rubbish.
A seller: When I finally delivered the work (after working on it for 8 weeks), it seems the buyer didn’t like it and he asked for a refund.


Dear Miila:

My suggestion on this would be to break it down into smaller chunks, like 10K words per week.

After you deliver the first 2 chapters, then 30 days should be ample for the remaining.

My advice to any Seller who is not yet Level 2 is to try to break any large projects into $5 (or $20, if the Buyer is concerned about Fiverr’s cut and is not using Fiverr income) chunks.

If you get 1 $150 sale, that’s one gig.

If you break that gig into 30 $5 gigs, you’re more than halfway to Level 2. And it’s also important to note that I mean separate orders, not gig multiples…

Of course, you’re already Level 2, so this doesn’t apply to you.

Good luck,


Thank you, Blaise, of course that is a way, but there are some buyers who aren´t online logged into fiverr often and rather want everything done ‘in one fell swoop’. For that case btw I had to break it down into 2 chunks already because I couldn´t send an offer for the whole sum, having been a level 0 seller back then. :wink:

I’m quite fine with it being done like that, if the customer wants it too, and I had/have some book translation jobs doing chapter by chapter or a few ‘chunks’ of xxxx words each gig, and of course that´s better for me anyway, more gigs mean more reviews too, but I’d rather have the other option also, for cases when buyers prefer to just accept my offer, pass me the book and then come back 6 or 8 weeks later to pick it up.

Applies still, of course, more reviews don´t hurt level 2 sellers either.


This, I imagine, would pretty much annoy some customers, as it would mean 30x logging in, accepting the order, checking, reviewing, 30 separate transactions for their bookkeeping etc. :wink: but of course you´re right that that would be the way sellers would profit from most.


Also, from the money perspective as a buyer,

One order of $150 = $7.50 in transaction fee
Thirty orders of $5.00 = $30.00 in transaction fee

Possible $20.00 + in tips.


Oh, right, didn´t even think of that, as always, thanks for the POV ‘from the other side’. :wink: