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Provider\'s Quality

I have made 2 orders on Fiverr so far, and its been an awful experience, I came because I need a bit of assistance cleaning about 100 images from the background, fairly easy process and well, we gave it a shot, we made the orders and im on a deadline now because the 2 providers we gave the chance both have failed miserably in both communication and delivery, seems that some providers are trying to get gigs everywhere and once they get a gig if they get another one with higher big then they drop your order and make up excuses nonetheless.

I wish I could post feedback to those providers profile, failing is not a funny thing to do when you are on a real business with real scheduled deliveries, REFUND IS NOT ENOUGH.

Fiverr should clasify the providers from RELIABLE to NON RELIABLE and stop wasting my time.

I’m furioust at this moment, this is meant to be team work, what if everybody does what they are meant to do and once player decides he wont do his part? the whole team efford goes down the toiled thanks to an irresponsible player advertised by an irresponsible agency (Fiverr)

I need reliable providers… how the hell will I differenciate that if everyone here has 5 stars everywhere…

I agree with you entirely that there are some bad apples in the seller pile and I think that’s true on any freelancing site. You really do have to think “buyer beware” and dig around, and honestly the advantage to this site is that you can find some amazing gems at bargain prices. I’m a buyer and a seller, and I’ve had 4-5 bad experiences as a buyer, and some as a seller too. I learned from my first 2 bad buying experiences and was more cautious in my approach. I never paid more than $5-10 on a first time experience and never did anything with a first-time experience that I was on deadilne for myself. That improved my situation enormously.

What I think you also have to remember is that Fiverr itself isn’t and cannot be a true team effort in the way I think you mean it. Even if you only have a transaction between one buyer and one seller in a new experience, sometimes communication breaks down and the buyer and seller don’t even make a good 2 person team. There are tons of e-books that will suggest that you can get rich buying on Fiverr with the team mentality by having one person write a book for you, another edits it, another creates a cover, another formats it for Amazon and boom - you are a best-selling author for $40-400 and ready to make at least thousands. They are wrong.

Every seller on this site is an independent contractor of sorts, all using one big platform. Some work well alone, some work well in a group and others don’t work well at all. If you really want to have a team at your fingertips it absolutely can be done, but not fast. You’ll have to pick your big problems, do some cheap trial runs with some sellers and you might waste a little money but most of it you won’t even waste because 95% of the time the bad work will result in a refund to your Fiverr credit.

When you finish that process, though, you’ll have a group of sellers ready to go and you’ll know them, their work, their pricing structure and whether or not they can produce finished work or their prices are low but you’ll have to clean it up a little. You can take THAT team and spend your prevous refunds and whatever else to upgrade to your real project. After doing that, if you wish, you can keep buying from your top notch team and do some amazing things to your advantage at your own business or to your own pocketbook. The books saying that you can come here and by a few $5 services from any seller with a well written description is nonsense, though.

Fiverr is a cheap way to make money (the seller spend 20% of their earnings on commissions) and a cheap way to buy amazing stuff, but in trade for cheap, you have to put in some time. Sorry for the length and I hope this helps other buyers if not you, but I just think a lot of people misunderstand how Fiverr really works.

You needed “assistance cleaning about 100 images from the background, fairly easy process”. Doesn’t sound very easy to me. What exactly is cleaning images from the background?

I totally get what you say, I do agree and actually that is my approach, I ignore what books are written about this, when i say team player is that on our business I do have ppl working next to me with specific tasks and we all together we make some sort of results oriented mentality, so when someone just decides to drop off the process is like having someone just quit a job without any notice.

It’s like some people understimate the importance of their own role on a bigger scale and end up ditching the whole game. Thats why I compare it to a football game.

Pd. My whole point is that Fiverr should have Cancellation Metrics, as for any job if they figure it out that you are bouncing from one employer to another without actually getting anywhere, they wont take you seriously, therefore forcing a provider to actually have higher standards.

It’s easy, i do it all the time, I actually provided my how to’ to those providers so they dont overdo it.
I guess it comes with practice, it might be really hard for some ppl… still, if you apply for something you are not qualified just to drop off later on is not your customer’s fault but yours for not being able to know your craft before putting into the test on a real production environment.

With that being said, how will I see who is who if everyone has 5 stars and wowsome comments everywhere, not sure if you see my point.

Thank you a lot for your advise, lot of wisdom in there I appreciate it.

Anyways, that was my rant - glad there was a pot for it. I settled for now on doing things myself until i make sure of who to work with before ordering again, looking forward finding those gems must be around here.

Sellers do get penalized if they cancel often. They can lose their levels for that.

To be honest, your problem here might be communication and/or simply asking too much. For example, I see lots of ‘I will remove the background from your images’ gigs on Fiverr priced at a very reasonable $5. However, your ‘cleaning about 100 images from the background’ just sounds confusing. Also, I would guess that you would be looking to pay a reasonable amount for this? - It doesn’t really strike me as a $5 job you see.

Anyway, communication is vitally important when making an order. This is because as well as it being important to give your seller a clear a brief, quite a few buyers are purposefully vague when contacting sellers to ask if they can complete a certain task.

For example, I get messages almost every day asking how much for x amount of articles. At first, I used to find this confusing as my gigs are very clear in regard to my pricing. In this case, I would quote a price of $5 per piece only then for an order to follow for something like 5 x 1000 word articles about a specific forex trading niche, each of which would need to be written according to a set of detailed instructions. (Something I would usually charge at least $20 per piece for).

In this case, I now ask such clients to tell me what they want an article written about and what kind of word length they are looking for prior to ordering. - And I usually don’t hear from them again.

However, there is also a second type of buyer, one who will order something for $5 directly, only to then say that for this 1 order, they actually need 4 x articles or articles + images & uploading to wordpress etc. In short, they think that making an order entitles them to whatever they feel like is a reasonable amount of work.

Now with any order like either of the above, I simply request cancellation. Also, because some days I can’t realistically check every order that comes in, I might not request a cancellation for 2-3 days after an order is placed. The result of this is a furious buyer or two.

My guess, in this case, is that if you are placing orders or requesting work as vaguely as your ‘cleaning about 100 images from the background’ sounds, you are quite possibly setting a few sellers mental scammer alarm bells ringing. - You certainly would mine and this might be why your orders are being cancelled.

In this case, you can perhaps try to avoid disappointment by contacting all sellers in advance in order to ask them how much they would need to complete your task. In the same message, you should describe your task as clearly as possible and upload any reference materials. If you are made an offer by a seller, you might then think about checking in with them as your order deadline approaches in order to check that everything is okay.

Also, you should always keep in mind that what you consider ‘easy’ might not be the same as a task actually being easy. Don’t assume that someone will be willing to cut a few images out of a larger image just because it is easy to do. You also need to keep in mind how much time a seller will realistically have to spend on a task and that if they usually charge $5 for removing one image, they will likely want a bit more for removing 100.

This is another scenario where after completing an order, days later Fiverr announce to you that the money has been deducted from your account without prior notice. How does one deal with that?

I’m just trying to save time, going doing trial error to spot responsible providers can take a long time.

I agree with you,
Just to clarify a bit:

  • I did contact the providers before placing the order, first to check if they were operational, I provided a link to all the material so they would know what the job was about.

  • I’m very well aware that a job like that can take several gigs to get done, I ordered several gigs.

Right now I managed to work with one provider, the only thing i did different was to just order 2 gigs to start and trying to be available in case of any hesitation that actually happened, the provider told me that it was going to be more money due some color correction but I told him to just clear the background, no color correction no special process, just basic background removal.

Thing is, that is something I do myself thats why I say it’s easy, however I also take the pictures so I wanted some help, hoping to get a good person I could rely and give’m continous work.

I think it’s all about communication and expectations, probably the providers are used to bad experiences thats why they just cancel things up.

I have been a buyer here on Fiverr for over a year and can’t attest to the bad/horrible experiences that many of you have had and some that none of you have had where a seller tries the increasingly new scheme of “upping the price” while you are locked in to their service.

I am not going to detail that experience so much but what I want to speak to is what I call “The Fiverr Model”

You have a company which has really revolutionized the ability of the Small and Not So Small Businessman or just plain shopper to acquire good? “services for the cheapo”

When Fiverr first started it would have had what was an “optimal” configuration between sellers and buyers that its HR component managed very well.

Then came fame and fortune and everyone who wants to be an online provisioner of services signed up on Fiverr.

It has grown to several thousands of vendors (and buyers) but I will stick with the vendors now.

A guy comes on, advertises his services here and grows to the point where (a) he remains with fiverr (b) starts his own company and remains STILL or © leaves and goes off to his own thing. The last scenario brings some attrition to the Fiverr Construct and it hopes to get a replacement for that loss.

In the interim while it is invisible to us buyers you have vendors who are actually soliciting Fiverr clients away from them and that is inconsistent with the Fiverr model. We have to be fair here. Fiverr brought us an equitable service in the beginning but what is happening is that some of its vendors AND BUYERS play according to the fiverr rules but there is a cadre which is increasing, that does not.

I dont know if any of you have noticed the new Seller trick of Incestuous referrals where a vendors not only gets people on the outside to up their Positive reviews, but the not so smart vendors, have other vendors, incestuously make similar referrals.lolol

The Quality Assurance of maintaining Fiverr is a humungous task and it is starting to show.

You have scammers who, once they skim fiver jobs and see good buyer comments, they single you out and beg for money.

Then there is the newest trick of all. I have been looking for an animator for 3 months, 3 months! The gigs are up and you try to get a $5 gig to see the skills of the gigger and they go right up to the end of the time and then send you some silly excuse but, Fiverr is now taking and administration fee on this undelivered service/cancellation.

Either you continue, hoping that you are lucky with the dray of the cards since $5 cant hurt some of us hoping that you find the Seller that will fit your services or after a while, with the scams, the character defamations (oh that happens too believe me) and the time you use in the attempt to get your gig done, you make a decision to cease and desist.

It is the luck of the draw but it seems like the buyers seem to be losing more and more

Probably for every buyer complaint on the forum, there are a hundred satisfied buyers. The difference is, rarely will satisfied buyers post on the forum of their experience. They got their product, are happy and move on. Buyers who were not satisfied with their experience need an outlet to vent their dissatisfaction. Nothing wrong with this, it is probably human nature to do so. I’m just pointing out that there are many more satisfied buyers on fiverr than dissatisfied buyers. Chalk it up to the nature of the beast.

Yeah even I have no idea what this is? Do they mean editing background images, cutting them out? No wonder ppl cancel, not exactly specific or to the point is it? :confused:


You said that you do it yourself all the time. Why do you need someone to do it for you?

I am a graphic designer who focuses mainly on photoshop editing and I can tell you that removing backgrounds from 100 images takes time. It is not a quick job. If the images are complicated e.g. has hair in it, it will take even longer and require more skill.

If you expect to get this job done for only $5 - $10 you will be sorely disappointed.

You get what you pay for, that is true on fiverr and anywhere else.
Expect to pay around $0.50 - $1 dollar per image as minimum. If you want it done for less, you should expect low quality results.