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Providing 2 services on one account

Can I create gigs of 2 different services on same(one) account on fiverr? Like WordPress and content writing.


Your are only allowed to have one Fiverr account.

Your Fiverr account allows you to offer different services within that account.


Yap You can do it.But more preferable one account one categorical services like wordpress and do job different services.

Yes. You can do it. Different categories services gig you can create but same service gig you can’t open 2 accounts.

Yes you can offer 2 service in one account. That’s not a problem

Yes, You can do create 02 services in the 01 accounts. No problem found here. You also can create two or more services packs in one account.

This has been answered .

There is no point in everyone repeating the answer to infinity!