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Providing a service that removes a watermark from a third party's copyrighted work


i have received a warning from Fiverr that i did violation by providing a “service that removes a watermark from a third party’s copyrighted work”. In my gig there is nothing mentioned and i have not did any wrong act. How i can solve this problem. I am worried on next month 15th Fiverr will not upgrade me due to this reason. Anybody can help me. what i do.



I’m not sure anyone can do anything about this here. Once you get a warning it can’t be taken back probably. It will simply not allow you to progress to a higher level but after the next evaluation you will still have a chance to do that.


Let me tell you my story

I was in 2nd level two months before. Then due to my delivery rate was 89%. I work hard and it reached upto 90% before the evaluation. But one day before evaluation my response rate went down to 80%. I was shocked when i saw that. It seems to me Fiverr dont want to me to go up. Now its 15 days remaining to next evaluation and happened like this.

Now currently what happened let me explain you. Today i received the message

“By providing a service that removes a watermark from a third party’s copyrighted work,
you are violating fiverr’s terms of service and applicable law.
Please do not offer watermark removal services.”

on this my gig of Fillable form making where it is not possible to use anybody logo or any copy righted thing etc.

Hope you understand my story now.


If you was Level 2, you have been demoted 2 times, since you don’t have a Level badge at all.
Regarding the logo removal gig: don’t do it. I didn’t find anything like that in your gigs though.


i don’t understand your main headline…