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Providing email in order to start work

How can I provide my email to my customer so that they can create a staff account for me?

Without the email I can’t work and the buyer already agreed to pay you through Fiverr.

You shouldn’t have any issues providing your email for this purpose as it is specifically to perform the Gig.

You should have a template for this and the template should cover

  • your email address
  • and explanation that it can be used only to create accounts and not for communication. You can explain that if they use it for communication then you will not respond as it’s against TOS.

That way you can send the template as an attachment. Your message won’t go through manual screening every single time and if it does then you’ve explained everything to the client so Fiverr shouldn’t have an issue with it.

hi i am also in the same position. so how did you send your email address. it would be really helpful if you let me know the template.
my client already order and i am stuck on providing my email address.

Create a word doc and send it to your buyer.