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Providing email to buyer

A my client asked me to provide my email because he was to sent me something and I’ll have to work on it. Now I would like to know whether recommend this one or if I provide my email, disciplinary action will be conducted?

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Yes you will get in trouble since this is against the terms of service.

You must keep everything here on fiverr including sending things.

You cannot send anyone your email and they cannot send you theirs.

This is for you own protection too. Usually scammers target new sellers to try to get them to send their email or chat off of fiverr so they can blackmail them.


thank you misscrystal for your nice advice

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@misscrystal i also needed the information

Its better to put clearly in your gig faq’s section.

Can I have your email/contact/skype details so we can communicate easily?
Sorry, this is totally against Fiverr TOS! All communication with the client is to be done in writing via the Fiverr message board. All payment is to be made via Fiverr. I do not accept job offers that go against Fiverr TOS.


thank you @zazi_developer

Welcome and pleasure all mines

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