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Providing my email address for gig completion


I have reread the ToS, as well as several topics here. Most of them were discussing if asking for your buyer’s contact details is allowed.

I know that the ToS states this:

  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

What I would like to know is if sellers are allowed to provide the buyers with their contact details if this is necessary for completing the gig. I have received an offer request from a potential buyer. They have a Google Doc I would need to work in, and they need my email address to grant me access. Am I allowed to give them my email address, if I do this on the order page, after the order was placed?

I definitely do not intend to communicate outside of Fiverr. I contacted CS, no response yet, but I cannot wait too much longer without sending the buyer the custom offer they have requested, or I might lose the job or look unprofessional for not replying promptly.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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Your buyer can also set access to view only to those who has a full link to the document.
This access can be set to view or edit.
So it is not necessarily a must-to-provide email.

However, if a buyer wants to be sure that only limited few have access to this document (Because client can’t know who this link will be given ;p), they indeed could restrain it to gmail users only. If I remember correctly, you need a gmail account for such.

Another question is, why they can’t download said document and upload it via Fiverr. Is it bigger than 1GB?


I wouldn’t give them the email address. I’d ask them to set the document so it’s accessible to anyone who has the link or ask them to attach the document in the order page. If you give them your email for this you could risk a warning.

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Most importantly to avoid communications outside of Fiverr is simply because said conversation(s) lose credibility and cannot be used as a proof for SC in case something foul will come into play.

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@tenebres_telrei, @uk1000

It’s a text which requires proofreading. I’m sure they could send it as a .docx file, but I don’t really know how to ask them to do that instead of using the Google Doc without making it sound like I don’t trust them.

It’s a VID who seems to have worked well with a lot of sellers, according to the reviews on both ends (but yes, a small reluctance to sharing my email with strangers still remains).

Just say something like the Terms of Service doesn’t allow off-site contact or that you don’t think it’s allowed according to the Terms of Service and could they please attach it to the order page (or create a link anyone can access).

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Then they can download this doc (File → Download) and upload it on Fiverr as part of the requirements for the order. Voila :slight_smile:


Thank you both! I’ll do that. :slightly_smiling_face: