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Providing skype handle when required for gig still gets a warning?

I have a gig where I do video walk-through of a client’s website. This requires the use of skype, which I only provide after they pay. I still got a warning though.

There are tons of gigs on fiverr that require skype communication and even advertise it. Wanted to see how others handle this.

For one of my gigs I had the need to “activate” skype support; after reading some post on this forum, I decided to contact Customer Support describing my needs.

I was authorized from them to offer skype support and put this piece of text in my order instructions:

In case you need a better/faster communication method, I was allowed to talk on Skype.

They asked me not to publish my username, but to give it only when requested.

Nevertheless I still get warned when in conversation/order I write Skype… so I just write or something similar…

I asked Customer Support first and they approved it. Then I created the gig. (My Skye gig for Tarot readings through Skype)

In one of my GIG i ask buyer for their email address.

That is essential for me to deliver them the work. I have asked the CUSTOMER SUPPORT and they permit me for only working reason.

On other hand i like to play FAIR, i never contact them out of fiverr.

I too have an eBook marketing extra that requires contact with the buyer on Skype. I put in an extra with eBook evaluation gig with Skype and it was approved by Fiverr. You need to put a notice on your description of the gig.

So, that was approved and the extra went live before I realized that I had to also say “if you order the extra you need to send me your user name” in the description.

Shortly after when messaging my buyer asking for the skype user name, I got a warning from the Fiverr team about violating terms. I didn’t even spell it out as it wouldn’t let me because a message popped up saying you can’t have any contact info in your message so I skipped a few letters but guess it didn’t fool the script and the warning message was triggered.

They have automated scripts that look for certain contact type words in our messages etc that trigger a warning.

When I replied to the team and explained what had happened they very nicely removed the warning status. I think if you have always been a Fiverr who follows the rules and you make a mistake, the Fiverr team is very responsive and clears things up quickly for you. Unfortunately, like in any place like this there are people who take advantage.

what does S.K handle means? I have client that wants me to send them my S.K