Providing support services, information exchange policy


In the terms, it states that one cannot provide any contact information. However, what if one is providing some sort of web service, such as a bug fix, system administration, forum/blog postings, or even customer support services? Furthermore, what about those who offer to get you X Likes on Facebook or X followers on Twitter?

In such cases, server information will be necessary, possibly user registration on an external website, or a username for the social networks.

What is the policy on these types of gigs?


If the gig requires information, here are you best practices.

  1. State clearly that the gig requires information (if Server access and credentials)
  2. Upon approval of the gig, whatever is required is allowed.
  3. Resist asking for things needed that are usually forbidden except in the gig discussion
  4. Understand the 'trigger words" will still trigger the warning.

    and most importantly
  5. Don’t use the needed information to create a system to bypass Fiverr.


Fiverr’s TOS really (really really) needs to be rewritten.

It is unclear and very inconsistent with what actually goes on, and who is banned and for what also seems pretty random. It’s a bit scary for seller’s really.

I’ve also wondered that when Fiverr strictly prohibits exchange of information why there can be business card gigs, web design gigs, skype gigs etc… and the TOS should expressly say that “you can provide information that is necessary for a gig, but do not use said information to move business off Fiverr” etc. . . because I’ve seen people get warned and/or banned for giving or receiving information that was related to offering their (fiverr approved) gig…


I’m new here but that’s precisely what I was thinking deanna… I’m not new to freelancing websites and the terms on this site really do contradict what I see in a lot of the gigs, even the top gigs… So yea, that’s why I was asking.

I do a lot of web development and it really is difficult to get all of the information through a series of messages, I typically use Skype to make sure I fully understand what the user is wanting. Otherwise, it ends up wasting a lot of time when having to ask follow up questions.