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Providing unadvertised custom deals to attract more customers!

Providing more for less has become a common practice in business for many years and is vital to your success even on fiverr.

Although, I’ve read about sellers complaining about this or that which is completely not necessary if you are running a business.

Providing unadvertised deals to potential fiverr buyers can mean the difference between making more or less. It’s up to that person selling their services.

In our video business, we always provide custom unadvertised deals to customers. Why unadvertised? We found that a lot of other sellers providing videos services on fiverr simply copy what we do.

For example, we used to provide 7 days delivery. When we changed to 5 day delivery, so did many others. There are many other examples.

So, now, we provide custom video to all new and repeat customers to satisfy the requirements of that buyer.

We’re just just a video business! When you are ready to have a video produced, ask us about our custom services, backgrounds, virtual studios, and other IT services etc. You will be amazed at what you get for a reasonable price!