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Providing value but no sales

Hi! I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I do need help. I started on Fiverr towards the end of May, and within the first two-three weeks, I was already doing pretty well. I have 6 5 star reviews, a total of 8 orders, and am teaching three kids right now. Teaching kids to code on Fiverr is not too popular, and there are only about 8-10 other gigs similar to mine, all of which have no reviews. My gig clearly stands out, I have a professionally made thumbnail, and I have several positive reviews. However, in the last two weeks, I have received no new clients, and I am very worried that Fiverr is not the right platform. As I look at how to get more clients, it always says that I need to provide value, and I truly believe this is as far I can go. I am acting professionally, getting good reviews, and am part of a new market that I am at the top of.

Thanks for all your help!

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The anonymous nature of Fiverr, in my opinion, make it unsuitable for tutoring/teaching children. There is no chance I would hire someone on Fiverr for this.


Yes I think you are right. Would putting up a video help?

Maybe I’m wrong or in the minority, it seems like people do order services like this from looking at your gig and other gigs. A video of yourself would definitely help with trust and credibility.
Other than that your gig is set up really well and looks good.

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Having an attractive gig is meaningless if no one on the platform is looking to learn how to code at the moment. I’m sure if someone is looking to learn they will hit you up and inquire about your services.

In this case, why do you think that you are going to make bank doing so?

I always get confused by sellers who try to offer tutoring, counselling, and similar services on Fiverr. There are several alternative platforms like Udemy, that cater to this market. Fiverr simply doesn’t.

  • Kids don’t have credit cards, nor spend their spare time perusing Fiverr
  • Parents are not going to come to Fiverr looking for tutors for their children.

Yep, this is basically it. Sorry. You can only get sales if you sell something there is a demand for. Otherwise, you are going to have to market your services off-Fiverr to actively bring your target market here.

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I feel more comfortable offering live classes to students, and with Udemy you have to build a course. Do you know any other platforms?

So you’re currently teaching people, right? That means that your sales are definitely doing good.

Yes but its the same people I taught from two weeks ago. I have had no new messages or orders from anyone in the past two weeks.