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Providing Video Elements? What Do You Suggest?

If someone asked you for an element in a video you’ve made for them, like an image or a video clip or something, would you give it to them? Sell it to them?

My inclination is not to, simply because it took a lot of time to find what I used, and to just give it away seems like throwing my time out the window. And sometimes I use various elements in multiple videos, so I don’t feel quite right handing out (or especially selling) something that will be used in another video.

And, honestly, it feels like giving away tricks of the trade.

I don’t know. I’m torn. Thoughts?

Actually, you are assuming. I do, in fact, have license to use that particular piece. I do not use any music that I don’t have a license for or that cannot be used for commercial purposes. It took me a LONG time to find good sources for music. And if anything comes of that, I can show my usage license.

I still have people try to send me popular music, like one person that sent me a Cold Play song. We spent a good deal of communication over why I couldn’t use it.

I have to be picky with what I use. I can’t afford not to be.

And, you know, I asked you to contact me privately. Others have. Did you think you needed to call me out for some reason?


Personally, I would not give it to them. I would possibly consider selling it, however that opens up a whole other can of worms… copyright issues, etc. I have had people ask me what software I use to make videos, where I get my songs, etc. I refuse to tell them, because yes, it would be giving away the tricks of my trade. Just my 2 cents.

Seeing as most of the music you are using is NOT loyalty free, I’m guessing that images you use are NOT royalty free as well, nor have a valid license for you to use in videos (commercial commons).

So what you’re doing is already borderline illegal, let alone re-selling the images themselves.

I’m assuming you mean “royalty” free, and I’m not sure where you’re getting your assumptions from. I only pick music, images, and music that are free to use commercially. If you have specific examples, we can discuss privately, as I’m certainly open to correcting mistakes.

Sometimes buyers send me all the elements, and all I do is put it together. I need to start asking for verification on these, to make sure I’m not inadvertently using something I shouldn’t.


Personally, I don’t give out my elements/original data (like layered PSDs or AEPs) unless my clients pay for them.

I simply just tell them that those elements need to have the usage rights paid for and that I am a professional designer protecting both myself and them from any possible ethical or legal issues that could arise.

As for the original data, again I would not freely release it because that is my hard earned studies, practice, and research. A mechanic would not give out his personal notebook of how he fixes engines… nor would a master chef share his gourmet recipes… in both examples, I’d probably be laughed at if I asked, unless I offered them a ton of money. That’s because those are their trade secrets and lively-hood. No difference as a designer

A rule of thumb for using images or graphics elements “found on the net” is that they are not free to use. Even though it says that they are free for commercial use, it probably says somewhere in the disclaimer fine print that you have to give credit to the owner or that it has already been stolen and not reported.

A great tool to check if images you get from clients are indeed just downloaded off the net is called “TinEye” where it does a reverse image search, finding graphical matches of the one you upload to their system. It’s not 100% perfect, but a pretty good and free service.

Hope this helps! Good luck out there!

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Thank you all for your comments, especially you, Chris. You’ve been helpful. :slight_smile:

I always read all the fine print before using anything. But it doesn’t guarantee anything. it’s always slippery at best. I’m working on that. :slight_smile:


They are not assumptions, your first video in your portfolio features music by Hans Zimmer from the film Batman Begins.

If your clients provide you with materials then I guess it’s harder for you to check everything.

Anyway. I’m bowing out of the conversation. I got the answers I need. Thanks for the input, everyone. :slight_smile: