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PSA - For Successful Sellers Repeatedly Contacted by Other Sellers Asking for Help


This is happening to me more and more, so I created a quick response. Please feel free to use and adapt it - did I miss anything out?


I see you have contacted me through Fiverr as another Fiverr seller. I am assuming you are contacting me for one of the following reasons:

  • To ask advice on how to get your gigs seen on Fiverr.
  • To ask advice on how to earn more money on Fiverr.
  • To ask me to provide you with work.

If you are not contacting me for one of these reasons, please write back and let me know exactly what you need.

If you are writing for one of these reasons, randomly contacting other successful sellers on Fiverr is not the right way to get what you want. Instead, I advise you to:

  • Review all of the guides in the Fiverr Academy - - There is lots of advice there on getting started, creating good gigs, promoting yourself, finding buyers, and more.
  • You should read through the Fiverr Academy before you do anything else.
  • If you still have questions, please do not write back to me. Instead, post a question on the Fiverr Forum -
  • The best place to post your questions on the forum is in the “Fiverr Tips” or “Improve My Gig” section. There are plenty of people on the forum who can offer you advice, although they will recommend you read through Fiverr Academy first.

Please do not contact me regarding the reasons above again. I am not able to help you, and repeated contact with sellers where you are asking for help will result in your messages being marked as spam, and communications being blocked.

If you get too many spam reports against you, your account could be suspended.


Your name.


You are quickly becoming my favorite person here on the forum lol. Thanks so much for the great information and you’ve given some awesome templates as well!


I would probably need to reword it, shrink it down, that is - because most of those who contact me for help, for work, or for how to mek sells don’t like reading big amounts of texts; they need short/precise/concise yeses and noes :stuck_out_tongue: If they see big texts, they usually ignore me and start rambling about the same thing over and overd


My response is usually either, “REPORTED AS SPAM!”

Or, my more eloquent, "Hi, Sorry but I can’t help you. From this first impression, you have demonstrated to me that you lack any modicum of intelligence. Worse, you clearly don’t have the initiative or self-determination required in order to really make a go of freelancing anywhere. Kindest Regards, Andy

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.


I’m somewhere in between then :slight_smile:
First time I politely send "Sorry, can’t help you. You may check Fiverr Academy and the forum."
Second time I report and block.

I agree with @Woofy31. Sellers that I usually get wouldn’t bother to read it(nor understand it) and I’ve noticed that the longer you write the more likely it is that they will ask again :slight_smile:


I had a seller contact me once asking me to give them work, and after explaining why I can’t do that and why it’s not a good idea to ask that from random/stranger sellers, guess what their reply was?

“So can you help me get more sales?” #dumbfounded


Im starting to get A LOT of sellers contact me which is getting kind of annoying although I had a really successful seller who works full time on fiverr contact me asking do i make a living from fiverr which i though was weird since i though small sellers is the last of their worries haha but she was really nice and helped me out which was cool! :slight_smile:


LOL. I just say “no” and that’s it.


I tried that once, won’t do it again :smiley: The seller couldn’t accept a “no”, started begging even more, and ultimately resulted in them calling me rude and disrespectful :unamused: :rolling_eyes:


When someone sends me a request like that, I say this in the first message:


That’s it, they can send me 100 messages after that, I won’t reply back and won’t even report them. I just don’t care. My response rate obligation is done, and that’s all I care about. LOL.


Nothing works. Neither the Long witty response like CY, nor the “No” like writer. They simply don’t listen.
Beat this. :rolling_eyes:

P.S Yes I use that SPAM RED ALERT PIC. :wink:


Great Quick Response but it needs to be shorter as @Woofy31 stated above :slight_smile:


“my terms no problem” - that’s pure gold :smile:

Yup, seems like these sellers have their own terms, their own law.

As for that spam red alert pic - maybe the seller thought you asked them to do the same design for $5 :smiley:


Cool style, isn’t it. I don’t give a sh*t to TOS. Mah life, mah rules, YO. :sunglasses:

Okay I accept it. What about the last two replies. :smirk:

You cant beat their intellectual level. Stop trying. :smile:


Yes :slight_smile: One thing that sticks with me is when an old boss of mine said “You never use one word when thfee will do, do you, Paul?”


@paulmaplesden, That’s a pretty neat template actually. You are being helpful while not being helpful. :slight_smile:


I shortened it…


I am assuming you are contacting me for:

  • How to get your gigs seen on Fiverr.
  • How to earn more money on Fiverr.
  • Me to provide you with work.

Randomly contacting other successful sellers on Fiverr is likely to get your account suspended. Instead you should:

Please do not contact me regarding the reasons above again. I am not able to help you.


Your name.


Depending on my mood at the time I swing between sending a “go away” message and sending a custom offer for help with marketing complete with a 3-4 figure fee and an explanation that as they are sending spam messages, they clearly have no concept of marketing and so they desperately need my help - “Please place the order to continue the conversation”.
Usually results in tumbleweed after that.


When I joined Fiverr, I knew nothing and did not get any order for the 1st two months. I read a little bit about it (could not give proper time to it as I was studying too). So heard about a successful Pakistani Fiverr seller and contacted him on Fiverr for help.

  1. He asked me to go through the forum
  2. I went through the forum and got to know about the Buyer Requests for the FIRST TIME
  3. Got my 1st order in the next 4 days (AND got tipped for that order too)

I will never forget that person as he was my first stepping stone towards Fiverr success (even when what I did is considered as spamming).

@cyaxrex and other sellers, kindly point the newbies in the right direction. Not everyone knows about academy and forum when they come here. If they still disturb you, then they can be reported. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, that kinda makes me think that perhaps I should start responding with the same kind of message because it has been great having you get involved and contributing on the forum. Perhaps for some sellers who send these messages, it is simple a case of not knowing. I kinda assume that they do know what they are doing and that they find me on the forum and then decide to message me. Considering buyers struggle to find me, I don’t know how else sellers could decide to message me.