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PSA: Nobody is going to buy your gig from the forums

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Interesting dialogue. Granted, there is the “My Fiverr Gig” category (or, as I like to call it ‘The Spam Channel’), where gig ads are ‘permitted’.

I really hope the new forum that’s supposedly in the works doesn’t permit any ads.


New forums ought to have an option to filter out certain categories.


I m sorry :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Accepted. But don’t do it again unless you wish to be picked on a little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All though often ignored, I’ve checked a couple gigs out that were posted on the forum and even ordered one. It was a $10 gig where they take your photo and draw it in an animated style.

I don’t think the name calling is necessary. People should be able to do as they wish as long as they follow the forum rules.

I gained just as much insight from your post as I did from the others who promote their gigs.


…but did ya buy it?

As stated above, yes. They did a good job as well.


I just wanted to say your profile description is dope

That’s debatable. The shading is rough, the lips are miniscule, and the earings just look like a 4 year old cut them out of paper (There’s just two circular lines that aren’t even parallel.).

Thanks my guy :upside_down_face:

I’m offended (I’m not the artist, but). I couldn’t even make anything like this!

I also have ordered from a link on the forum before, but there is a great difference between newbies who try to benefit from their talents and…
I don’t think that showcasing gigs is an issue - if done well, it could be a fantastic feature. Again, like in many situations, it’s the users who ruin it.


I’m more concerned that it doesn’t even look like him. LOL

Honestly for $10, you can’t expect a DaVinci (I assume it is an automagic plugin). If he is happy with his makeover, that is what matters here. He looks much prettier now.

As for the OP. Funny, IMO. However I know plenty have no sense of satire, irony or anything but rage/not-rage so it may backfire far more than it works.


True, true. Honestly I was just looking for a counterargument there. People are so touchy when it comes to criticism.

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It’s a picture of my wife, and yes she is much prettier than I am.


Awesome, thanks for sharing your opinion. Still doesn’t make the seller a clown for sharing their gig on the forum.


Current forum already has that. As long as I’m logged in, I don’t see posts from three or four categories that I’ve muted. That saves a lot of time when browsing latest topics, and many facepalms.

Of course, future forum should also have that.

However, I agree with j6nyc6 about the clown issue - provided the seller sticks to forum rules and only advertises where it’s allowed.

Else, yes, self-clowned alert :wink: but that’s no capital sin, and I’m sure most of us have managed to make a clown of ourselves on the one or other occasion, I certainly have.

Also, I think the forum could have a clearer structure, it’s probably easy to be overwhelmed at first, and there could be “measures” to help with things like sellers listing ads in the wrong categories, like an obligatory multiple choice test before sellers are allowed to post that will teach them the most important rules/etiquette - if they want to be taught or not :wink:

That’s something many of us have asked for repeatedly, though, for example in the discussion threads regarding the forum revamp, and also regarding the main site (multiple choice quiz to teach all users, including buyers, at least the very basics, like there’ll be a fee added to the seller’s quote, no contact info sharing unless, …).
Of course, the thing is that Fiverr needs to consider not just making sellers’ lives easier but they want a buttery smooth onboarding of new users, especially buyers, obviously, and they probably also want many forum posts, not only sellers want high rankings :wink:
And all in all, I’m for what brings more buyers here, even if it means explaining things to the one or other lead or buyer.
And any forum needs fresh blood, so it shouldn’t be made too hard for new people to engage either (I don’t count just posting an ad and never anything else as engaging, though).

Sorry for the detour.

Closer on topic, I’ve both hired and been hired by people I “know” from the forum, I’ve also recommended a few people I “know” from the forum to some buyers who asked me for recommendations.

However, in my case, that never happened because of sellers advertising themselves on the forum but because of thoughtful posts and the impression they leave.
I’d even order from clowns, but only from the right kind of clowns, like Fred, for instance. (Sorry, Fred, but I trust you know how it’s meant and don’t need an /s or five wink smileys either).

Edit, as I fear it should be said:

Do not message other forum users to sell to them, especially not on the main site. Most of them, me included, will report you for spamming. If we want to buy, we’ll choose and contact the sellers we’d want to buy from ourselves. Do not spam.


I personally opted for the services of a regular user of the forum because she was obviously trustworthy through her interactions. Though she was not promoting herself in the forum by any means.

I have a question though for you : why would you bother displaying your Fiverr Profile Page in your forum profile description, if getting any potential customer from the forum makes someone a clown ?

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