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Psychic Scam on Fiver

Please you readers help me that i hired a psychic reader one , i paid for 4 offers, In one gig psychic told me that resul are 100% money back garanty it will take 5 to 6 weeks thats why be patience, I patiently wait for the results, after 7 weeks i contacted the seller, she told me that she is not feeling good she is ill, after one week I again asked if your health is good can we discuss on gig. But after that she blocked my contact. Now i cant contact with him even cant see her gigs. I paid four times, Please you all help me in this issue, that what should i do.


If you didn’t get what you paid for and have been blocked by the seller you can contact support though the help desk.

Here’s the buyer help centre page (see the “contact us” option on the page below if necessary):

Or here’s the direct link if you need to create a support ticket:


Blocking doesn’t not stop you seeing the gigs, as far as I understand, only from contact. So if you can no longer see the gigs, then I was hazard a guess that they are no longer active on Fiverr.

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Why seller doesn’t know her future? She could tell you "I will get sick after 7 weeks :thinking:

The only way a seller can give a refund is by cancelling an order and that can’t be done after an order has been complete for 3 days (unless maybe going through Fiverr support/if Fiverr support did the refund). So a money back guarantee will be impossible to do by the seller 5-6 weeks after completion, unless they go through support or you go to support. Though it might be harder to get a refund from support after 14 since delivery (though if the seller told you you needed to wait 5-6 weeks, CS may take that into account).

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Why do you want to contact your seller? Are you expecting a refund because whatever your seller said would happen didn’t?


Because the seller/gig gave a 100% money back guarantee (I assume a guarantee that what they said would happen in the time given). If a seller has a money back guarantee they should honour it (though it should normally be only while the delivery is in the “delivered” (not completed) state since that’s the only time the seller can give the refund without going through support. Though since the seller asked the buyer to wait 5-6 weeks maybe the guaratnee should be extended to around then.

In the past Fiveerr has refunded a “make you win the lottery” gig when I think it had some guarantee and it didn’t happen.

after 7 weeks i contacted the seller

I don’t think this happened on fiverr based on the OP having joined this month, and the month is only a week old.


Either it’s another site or maybe the OP has/had another account on Fiverr.

I am getting that spidey feeling.

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Did this happen on Fiverr with your current Fiverr account or did it happen when you used a different Fiverr account or did it happen off Fiverr?

The OP doesn’t actually say that whatever their reading said didn’t happen. Also, how could anyone verify this either way?

To me, this sounds like your average case of "OMG! I SPENDED $5 AND MY WHOLE WORLD HAS ENDED," consumer regret mania paired with a few stalker vibes. (I paid $5, why isn’t my psychic my new best friend already.)

The date mismatches are also worth a raised eyebrow.




I think from reading the title of the thread and the original post, where the OP was told to be patient and wait 5-6 weeks then, after waiting even longer (7 weeks), the OP contacted the seller and was blocked, it’s quite clear it didn’t happen. Why would the OP create the thread with this title if the OP thought it had worked? If it had happened the thread/post wouldn’t have been created.

For how would someone verify it - it depends what the seller said/wrote, which we don’t know. But the OP could show any evidence to CS if they have it if they want to.

Though the OP says “i hired a psychic reader one” but you don’t seem to have any psychic reading gigs. Don’t you currently have spell gigs only not psychic reading ones? Unless the OP means “psychic medium” like in the skill.

On Fiverr, it’s not allowed to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to deliver.


As others have noticed, you have created your account this month, so you couldn’t have waited for 7 weeks unless you have more than one account (which would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, unless you have closed your old account and opened a new one with the permission from Customer Support).

Anyway, we’re just sellers and buyers. Only Customer Support can help you.


Witch addiction strikes again…

I knew there was more to this.

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