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Psychic scammers


Hi there I know most psychic on fiverr may or may not be real however it is based on belief and trust right? But what happened recently was someone guaranteed me something 100% that it will happen but after I did not get the results I wanted The seller asked me for more money Is there a way to dispute the first order ?


If someone promised something as part of a gig and did not deliver then you can contact customer support to discuss it.
However I would suggest you do not paint everyone with the same brush just because one seller has not kept their word.


Hello, can you give any more details of what was promised and when?

You can tell all this to customer support as eoin said and they may give you a refund.


I agree with u but i cant get my refund back as I already accepted and im at a loss now yet she is asking for more money


She told me she was a witch and can help me 100% guaranteed win the lottery and she used the word 100% and guarantee so I thought she knew her stuff well ends up she asked me for more money to perform another spell


I would like to know what time frame she promised you and what it was if you don’t mind? If she offered a 100% guarantee you should notify customer support.


I’m so sorry that happened to you! Was there any time frame for when it was supposed to happen?


If the order was not complete then you should not have accepted it - in fact they should not have marked it as delivered.
Anything that is “guaranteed” needs to be delivered before the order is accepted as complete - as the pop-up says, you cannot request changes later. Also, the service has to be completed within 30 days, so for example - if an SEO seller says " “With my service, you will be ranked on Google after 40 days” this is against the rules.


she delivered my order instantly on the same day I ordered and told me to wait for the good news which is lottery day after that I saw I did not win and I asked her she said it’s my fault cause I was too anxious and ask another 35 for her to buy an artefact. By the way miss crystal I have saw u on fiverr before but Have not ordered from u. Maybe u can advice me on ur abilities to help me out


You can send me a message to my regular inbox if you like.


oh my thanks for telling me. I ever encountered that too I orderd SEO but says it takes time and patience not immediately told me around 3 months and its One of the top seller they told me SEO is not a miracle


It is true that SEO takes time to take effect and generally builds over time with consistent work. What is key is what was actually said by the seller. If they carried out the service they said they would then it is within the rules. If they said their service would rank you number 1 on Google (or something similar) and haven’t, then that is against the rules.


Of course you are going to be anxious. Your moods have nothing to do with how a spell works. Something is wrong here. You deserve a refund.


You are brave not only to admit to buying lottery ticket numbers from a psychic, but also in admitting to being surprised that it didn’t work. I commend you.

Why would the psychic not have given you bad numbers and used the good numbers himself if he had access to such? I wouldn’t worry about that in this case, since he still trying to shake you down for $35. Lottery winners don’t usually fuss about pocket change.

I foresee you getting a runaround from CS on this one. Just a feeling.


well I guess when I am desperate and just lost my job I guess I can be


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