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So many psychics here are a total scam. I bought for thousands of euros love spells and readings on several accounts from the biggest toprated sellers with thousands reviews and 2 years later nothing happened and they just block you. And even report you so fiverr even blocks you. Just too bizar to be true that such scams can operate here on such scale without anyone stopping them. Its should be illegal to sell gigs that cant be delivered and fiverr should do way more to stop this from happening and from vulnerable people getting scammed. It would be so easy to just let psychic gigs be reviewed up till some months instead of allowing these scams to pollute their website and harm vulnerable people.

And even this message got edited by fiverr to protect the names of the sellers?! But who is protecting the customers?? While it are the customers that paid so much money on all their gigs to fiverr and get not any customer service in return.


I do have to ask… if you believe they are a scam, why buy them in the first place?


what were you expecting to happen just out of interest? what kind of spells in other words? (please do not name the sellers or link the gigs)


I don’t believe in these things but I wouldn’t expect a practice that relies on energies and spirituality to be transferred via the internet, technology has done many things but this isn’t one of them.


If there is a promise of specific results, I think you can report their gigs and they might get deleted and perhaps you might even get a refund in some cases. Because I don’t see how is that different to, for example, offering social media engagement in specific quantities and those are against the rules precisely because that is not something in seller’s control.

But if there is nothing specific and let’s say you purchased a money spell with no guarantees advertised, you have nothing to confront those sellers about, as they did perform what you asked for.


All love spells on an ex and later on a crush. Nothing ever happened. And i honestly ordered from almost all sellers. And what i expected was super precize and clear to have my ex return or even just talk to me. And yess they do promise those things literally in their gigs. That they can influence minds and cause them to love or even obsess or absolutely anything and after all this money spent and all time that passed nothin was ever delivered. And fiverr should have policies that prevent this scamming from continuing.

I obviously didnt think they were a scam otherwise i wouldnt have bought them but now after all the time and money its cristal clear they are

Totally agree and i went to the sellers and customers service multiple times. They advertise literally that they can help restore contact and bring your ex back and even obsessed and not anything like that ever got delivered. But fiverr takes not any responsibility for it and sellers just block you to get rid of the issue. I personally think adjusting the review period on this kind of gigs is the only solution cause now thats only 2 to review and 14 days to leave feedback to fiverr which is way too short for spiritual gigs


Yeah well you were right, i guess its just the combination of desperate people wanting to believe promising gigs and than all the reviews that mostly are given by customers in the hope of getting better results that makes many decide to buy the gigs and no one ever is able to leave feedback of what really happened cause thay would extend the 2/14 days big time

Even if it did work, wouldn’t it be unethical? To use a spell on someone to make them do something they wouldn’t have done on their own?

Not to mention, even if your ex did return, how would you feel knowing that it was because of a spell, not because they actually wanted anything to do with you ever again?

How would you feel if someone used a spell on you to force you to go back to someone you have zero wish to be with?

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That’s a lot of money to invest into something you’re suspicious about/something that hasn’t brought results yet.

Also, it’s Friday. We usually expose psychics on Saturday/Sunday. I have my wine ready by then.


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Yeah well i had my hopes up i guess. Lol i didnt know they were usually exposed on saturday/sunday, ill have my wine ready too :slight_smile:

All psychics are scammers. Welcome to the real world. Btw, I have a bridge to sell you, if you’re interested.


yeah but it’s friday 13th


The spelliest of all days. But hey, I’m not superstitious, that brings bad luck.


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I think someone yesterday or the day before was discussing the same topic… The topic seems to have been deleted… Are you the same person??

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If the player hasn’t bothered to learn the rules…

I do agree that controversial services shouldn’t be on Fiverr, but there’s a certain amount of responsibility for a buyer to do the research prior to purchase.

Like buying a car. How much time and effort is put into research for large purchases like that?


No never posted here before, this is my first post here.