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Psychics - Is the Future Ever Escapable?

Everything I am going to write here will sound insane. However, it is all true. Do think of me what you will, though. :slight_smile:

I have just taken a photograph of my feet in my living room and I really don’t think I should have. Don’t worry, I’m not a fetishist. (Especially not with my feet.) However, why I am alarmed is simple.

A few days ago, I had a nap on my sofa and I dreamed of taking this exact photograph.

In the dream photo, one on my feet looked broken. It was swollen and the side of it was black and generally nasty. As I have had a lot of problems with my feet in the past, I took this dream as a warning. In this case, I was careful to walk very carefully everywhere throughout the day.

I still walked my dog, I still went the way we do around the rocky coast. However, I wore my hiking boots (not sandals like I usually do), and by the end of the day, my feet were fine. Then, at about 10pm as I went to visit a friend just around the corner, I tripped on their staircase and ended up breaking my big toe.

Now, I have my own way of dealing with things like this. I don’t go to doctors or ER. It’s just not me and I do seem to heal much faster than other people. However, this morning I realized that I may have done a bit more damage than I anticipated. My whole foot was swollen and it freaked me out a bit.

That said, sometimes I sit down so long working, that my feet tend to do that. (And I have no other signs of things like infection, etc.) In this case, about an hour ago, I decided to take a picture of my foot. My idea was that I will take another tomorrow and another the day after that. This way, I can see objectively if there is any sign of something to worry about.

My problem at present is that just after I had taken my first photo, I realized that I had done exactly what I had done in my original dream. I’d also taken a photo in exactly the same space in my apartment, with the same lighting, and exactly the same visual outcome. - A generally very unwell looking foot.

Naturally, this is causing me some concern. Was my dream a warning that I would break my foot? Or was it a warning that I should be more on-guard than usual tonight? (Since tonight I actually took the photo I did in my dream).

As for why I might want to be more on-guard tonight, I recently have had a kind of stalker problem. That is over now. - I hope, but I am still a bit paranoid about it.

My question, though, is this. I have had premonition dreams and lots of ‘spooky’ experiences in my time. (It’s at the point where nothing surprises me anymore.) However, what is the point of having a premonition or knowing the future if you can’t avoid it?

I did everything I could to avoid a foot injury on the day of my dream, but I still sustained one. Tonight, I can’t practically do anything to avoid whatever other bad things my premonition might have been warning about. (If it was a warning about the time I take the actual photo of my foot, not just breaking it). In this case, having a premonition in the first place seems more like a celestial practical joke.

So, am I missing something? Is the future always inescapable? Or can the future be changed after seeing a glimpse of it? It is a kind of philosophical question. However, the views of real psychics, etc, would be interesting.



No real psychics here (as in I am not one) but you should watch Dark on Netflix - German with subtitles.
It is asking the same kinda question.


You can definitely avoid things from happening IF you know it’s a premonition and IF you know how to avoid it, which are big ifs.

Things can and do change at the last minute sometimes, even if the premonition was accurate at the time.

Nine times out of ten I would guess, the premonition is going to happen, as yours did. If you had known how to avoid it then it could have been avoided. It’s a warning but our own lack of awareness nullifies it.


Hi! So I have a belief, but it is difficult to express my viewpoint as there are so many factors into this.

Stupid as it sounds, I truly believe the VERY second we were born, our entire life has already been planned out for us - or atleast, our MAJOR events in life has been planned out for us already. I study birth charts and numerology aside of tarot cards, intuitive abilities, etc. and I was able to pinpoint certain events in people’s lives that have ultimately come true - sometimes even the age that the events have occurred as well.

And by major events I refer to your future spouse, your future children, your career, your finances, your friendships, etc. All of these are components that I believe have already been planned for us.

Now if we’re talking about what day our phone bill will be paid, or when you will go shopping - these events are usually easily changeable. Maybe I might go shopping today? Maybe I might go shopping tomorrow? UNLESS there is some sort of major event linked to these, then these little events usually don’t matter.

That time when someone broke their leg at 15 and couldn’t walk for however long? Major event. Your wife? Major event. The day you have a child? Major event. I feel as if these cannot be changed.

I always get clients coming to me saying “how can I change this to make them marry me?” It doesn’t matter because if you’re not meant to be with them, YOU WILL NOT BE WITH THEM!
Each major event is a lesson for us to learn. THIS IS WHY WE ARE ON THIS PLANET. TO LEARN! If someone is not in our life anymore or you end up marrying this person but not that person or if you get fired from this job and have to work at that job these are SUPPOSED to happen for our own spiritual knowledge and growth.
Once we have fulfilled our life path, then we die. Will we reincarnate? Who knows. But this is my belief and with the knowledge I’ve gathered and the people I’ve worked with, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


I might do that. However, I am very selective about what shows I watch these days. GOT hurt me, it hurt me real bad. That was after a few years avoiding watching it. In this case, I’ll check out the reviews and make a mental risk assessment first. :wink:

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I read playing cards which are uncanny in their ability to predict things.
I read that Hillary would win the election about a week before it. The day before it I did it again and this time it changed to the King of Diamonds as the winner.
So in that one week, something had changed that changed the outcome. That was the first time I’ve had that happen with the cards.
I still don’t understand why they didn’t know one week before who would win. I believe that the first time it gave me the popular vote winner, which was indeed Hillary. She actually was the winner of the election.


I really hope that this is not true. However, I did have a reading when I was 16 where the woman doing it just kept saying "you are not in this country very long." As it is, I’m 34, haven’t lived in my home country (England) for more than a few weeks since I was 21, and I have no plans of ever going back.

I guess now I just have to worry about the last bit which was "in the end, you are surrounded by government officials."


It’s fatalistic to think that nothing we can do or try to do matters, as if all we have to do is sit back and wait for the grand plan to take its course, since we don’t know if doing that certain thing is part of the grand plan that leads to the final conclusion.
Life wants us to try new things and take action, without knowing if it will work out as we want. This is what leads to life smiling on our efforts much of the time.


The thing is, having a ‘grand plan’ implies that there is an architect of the grand plan. This takes ESP all the way back to God doesn’t it?


It depends on how you define “God”. Maybe you are God. Or a part of God.


So you believe we have limited, or even no, free will?

The late Christopher Hitchens was once asked if he believed in free will. He replied, “Yes. I have no choice but to have it.”

I’ve always liked that quote. :slight_smile:


I think we have some sort of free will to an extent - but if something big is supposed to happen, then it’s meant to happen, to be quite honest.


Or, perhaps God is “the Great I Am” – someone completely separate to who we are. Someone who created all things, including all of us. Someone who engineers time, and all events that happen within it.


I see the divine or “God” in every living thing, and along with mountains, rivers, planets, etc. but that’s just me.


I would agree. I see God in everything he created as well. Even my own strong sense of creativity doesn’t compare to the brilliant work God has placed around us – from the stars in the universe, to the stunning heights of the Alps.


We are both saying the same thing, the only difference being these things ARE God rather than a separate being that made them and infused parts of himself into them. But you might be right too. I came to Buddhism on my own without even knowing about it until I was older and someone told me that what I was describing is how Buddhists believe. I know I was a Buddhist in a previous life or lifetimes.


The thing is, I never see rivers lakes or mountains making conscious decisions. - Or if they did, many would be mass murderers. You can call a river, mountain, etc, evidence of God. However, when it is implied that there is a grand plan to the universe, this implies that there is always a separate creative consciousness still at work administering that plan.


They don’t make conscious decisions, they just are. And they are sufficient as they are. They just do whatever they do just like we do. Well actually I take that back because of the crystals I use, they make decisions. But generally they don’t.


I’m jumping in because I have some theories into this, I do not, nor would I claim I know everything or anything when it comes to the area of pyschic-ability, I know what I believe if that makes sense and from my own personal experiences that I have had.

In an sense dreams are your realm, your personal realm, the brain is a wondrous thing, who knew that we could see when we fell asleep. These are our consciousness’, throughout the universe(s).

Now this is where I’m going to sound crazy.

I believe we are one collective conscious but only through our own minds. What we see are collective realities. But our own realities. Sometimes they mean different thing’s that make no sense to us. Be it you’re on the side of a cliff and some mystical creature comes to save us. It’s like venturing into a realm we can’t see when we are awake and sometimes, those thing’s become very real. I have had dreams like this but when speaking to other people they have had something similar, me and my boyfriend have had similar dreams from the same settings and we were both astounded that we were able to interlock.

I remember, I had a dream of a great fire that burned down this giant black building. All I could hear in my dream were tolling bells and the heat of the fire. The suns where spinning around from night. I woke up to hearing about the Notre Dame fire. I’ve had many dreams that were sort of similar to some regard but also very fantastical. I’ve also had dreams that were very “that won’t happen”.

I remember one dream I had that I had gone swimming and I had been swallowed but a great sea whale that was kind of like the Pyschic Turtle. Then the next day I got sucked in to a current that I didn’t realize was there. It was rough but in my dream I had survived by shooting out of its nostril, and the way I had recovered myself out of the current was by swimming outwards and shooting out like a pin. I was very mindful that day.

I also had an experience where I had a very real dream about me gaining a very bad scar on leg, same thing no idea where it came from and the next day I accidentally cut myself with a broken disposable leg razor.

Tap into your center and explore the realm of dreams for they are untapped and mysterious, also you can pick up a dream dictionary, they are mostly interpretation tho.

best of luck <3


This is fascinating… but it also sounds needlessly complicated. We all perceive the world around is in different ways, and listening to how others view these perceptions can be an interesting topic. Yet, even with all of our views, there is still one universe, one Earth, and one reality… which we are all equally part of, no matter how we choose to perceive it.

Talk of alternate realities, and other universes makes for great science fiction, and some of my favorite movies fall within this literary realm.