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Psychics - Is the Future Ever Escapable?

"You can’t change things outside of your control, but you can change your attitude.
- Marcus Aurelius

You can control 90% of your life, the rest controlled by fate of God.
For quiet mind we need to love fate.

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I am not a fan of organized religions of any type. People can use them to feel like they are better than other people, or judge others, even if they aren’t aware of it.


Neither am I.

Everyone constantly tries to find ways to perceive themselves as better than other people. This is why fast cars exist. This is also why one of the first questions people ask when they meet someone new is, “so, what do you do.”

(Apart from in Britain, there we kind of mastered the art of polite conversation by only every making small talk about the weather while offering people copious amounts of tea. :wink: )

The problem as I see it overall with religion and spirituality at present is that a lot of people want what is essentially a pick and mix religion.

Most people want an afterlife, but nobody wants an omnipotent creator at the helm. In this case, they subtract the creator and replace it with something more convenient. Usually, this is a non-conscious elemental force, collective consciousness, or an extraterrestrial based force. Specifically, one which can do everything an omnipotent creator can, but will never ever judge them.

Usually, when people do choose a pick and mix religion, they also want to promote the fact a lot. You won’t find many Christian YouTube influencers or avowedly Christian related service sellers on Fiverr. However, you do find a lot of New-Age Spirituality YT influencers and Fiverr sellers. In this case, while you can argue that people turn to traditional religion to be judgmental, I could argue that people turn to other forms of spirituality for attention, profit, and convenience.


I’m sure that some people do use new age religious ideas for a profit.
I’ve been meditating from the time I was 14 and have come to some beliefs of my own without guidance or input from any outside forces or people telling me things, or books. My beliefs about spirituality are what I’ve arrived at on my own.

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I’m not saying it wasn’t a premonition, as my wife has them… Dreams someone dies, they die soon after that kind of thing.

But… Out of sheer devilment… Remember the bit with the vase in The Matrix?

If you hadn’t dreamed what you did, maybe you’d have been less preoccupied with being careful, and taken a few different steps that did not lead you to your break! Head-wrecker!

Either way, you have my sympathies by the way! Broken endy-bits are never fun, hope it heals well soon.


Now this, I’d be very interested to learn more about. Probably something you don’t with to discuss with an almost-total stranger in a public forum however.

EDIT: Context having some serious family struggles in life - can’t help but think there is some negative influence beyond my comprehension at times


This is true. Curiously, though, last night I had a dream about having to move a rusty bike from the road outside.

This too pretty much happened exactly as in my dream this morning. It was even in exactly the same place and position. There was no warning component to that one. In this case, now I’m wondering if I’m having a few premonition-like dreams to prepare me for a big one which I should take notice of. - Just a theory, and I do try to be careful how I interpret these things.

They’re not, especially when you live with a tiny moody Mexican who demands to be walked at least 4 times a day!

This is also now one of several ankle, foot, and toe breaks which I have sustained over the past 5-years, all because I spend all summer wearing jandles/flip flops. In this case, I’ve decided to swallow my barefoot pride and have bought 2 pairs of steel toe capped and puncture-proof safety trainers from eBay. Hopefully, this will signal an end to my run of annual foot injuries.


This tracks with ones my wife has had in the past. Unnerving at times.

I don’t know how time works but it’s possible to predict things and not that hard for a lot of people whether it’s dreams or playing cards. I drew the same cards three times in a row saying I would go to the hospital in the coming six months and got health insurance based on that for the first time ever. Then after about four months had an emergency where I had a kidney stone removed. It was my first time in a hospital.

The cards have never been wrong, even when at the time they seemed to say something that I didn’t believe.

So either there is something, some force, that is eager to warn us of things, or a more sinister force that, by predicting something, makes it happen. Because of this uncertainty, I don’t make predictions with cards very often.

On another note and unrelated to this, if you have tried remote viewing and had uncanny success with it like I have, you do get the impression there is a cosmic consciousness. So remote viewing, dreams and card reading all may be tapping into that.

As shown by the mind blowing accuracy of reading playing cards, clearly the future is already written somewhere.


My mom went to a palm reader and they said the same thing to her - that she would be leaving the country and wouldn’t even have time to pack her bags. The palm reader also said she would never come back to her old country again

Everything the palm reader said was true. Man I wish I had a cool experience like you both did.
I went to my first fortune teller when I was 13 and they gave me a bunch of BS lol. But going to her actually made me curious and start developing my skills in psychic readings, tarot cards, etc.

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I think this thread was posted on Friday and on Saturday my aunt called me because grandpa told her he’d die “tomorrow morning” and we should all come say our goodbyes. Grandpa has a final stage of bone cancer and he’s been on his way out for a few months now. He’s not quite himself anymore and doesn’t talk much but my aunt claims he was completely lucid when he said that.

We ended up having an improvised wake rehearsal (or something). It was pretty bizarre. I just kept thinking, “What if he’s right?” I think I’d be pretty freaked out if he could predict it with such a level of accuracy. (He didn’t die when he said he would and has no recollection of saying that).


A interesting talk on " The fascinating relationship between déjà vu and premonition"