Public fiverr payment Orders - Quite Intrusive

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Anybody notice if you click and ‘View as a Buyer’ you can see the seller and what kind of cash they are generating?

I’m hoping there is a feature to switch this off because I find it quite intrusive and I do not want to encourage copycats.



It’s not showing for me, either on “view as buyer” or “Incognito.” I don’t have an issue with this in principle though, as it helps to set expectations with buyers on what others have paid, and what they can expect to pay.

I can see why others might feel it’s an invasion of privacy, but for me, the expectation of rates outweighs that. YMMV.


I feel it’s causing more copycats to low ball me, I guess we will see. However, It would be nice to have the option to sensor this info though, wouldn’t you think?

I get the feeling that you can see this info if you’re level two seller or something, I have a friend who isn’t a seller that cannot see that information and also a friend who is a top rated seller that can see how much i’ve earned (and vice versa)

Thank you for the reply.


We have already discussed about that a few days ago on the forum. Some top rated seller can’t see that information.


I tried to search the forum, any chance you can link me to the discussion?



Yeah, it probably has pros and cons for different people and buyers.

You look like a guy who used to be on the forum quite a lot


It’s been crazy the last few months, sadly not much time for forum shenanigans! I still love you all though…


Potential buyers can see your prices on your gig page. They don’t need to see how much other buyers have paid to know your prices.

If your prices are 50 - 100 - 150 and a potential buyer see that another client paid 125, he will imagine that the other client had a discount and he will ask a discount. If you say no, he will go and hire another seller.

Since I have discovered this new feature I can’t understand how it can help our business. If someone can explain me I would be really happy !


Not sure about if it will help but I imagine the thinking behind this move is to make reviews more transparent.
For example, if you want to hire a proofreader for your novel of 50,000 words but the seller you are looking at has only ever completed $10 jobs then it might make you rethink it - similarly, if the seller often has glowing reviews of $250-1000 orders then it would make you more confident to hire that seller.

I think this could actually help some sellers a lot - those who do a small amount of larger orders for example.


I wouldn’t be so concerned over these beta features as only a few can see it. I mean the Available Now feature was visible for 2 days before they took it away from me. I was looking forward to hiring someone, but alas - it’s not to be.

You won’t know the true effectiveness of a feature until it’s available to everyone or to the sector where the most gigs are sold.

It’s just a test.


You never know the detail of an order. $500 can be : 100x5$ or 5x100$. Not the same thing…

60% of my revenues on fiverr are made with custom offers. I really don’t know how a buyer can judge the quality of my work when he only knows the price paid by another client but not what I did for him.


I think that’s exactly the point he was making. If you have a solid pricing strategy, and price consistently and fairly for each order, depending on time and effort involved, I don’t see what the issue is. After all, you can always say “no.”


If you give a proper justification for pricing, I don;t see why they would hire someone else? After all, if you did give a discount to one client, what’s to stop another client expecting that same discount? And it may be that you upsold to $125 from $100 - that is all stuff that you can explain. I think setting expectations can be helpful.


When the client contacts you, you can explain what you did.


I don’t think this matters. In either case, the buyer spent $500. They trust you will do good quality work and was happy to spend that much. You received A review worth $500.

I can’t see this function, but if I could, I’d filter for price point. A review of of 5 stars or 1 star would hold different meaning, depending on price point.

Now saying that, I have mixed feelings about others being able to see what I’ve spent. :frowning:


Most of the time, you don’t have the opportunity to give any explanation because people don’t ask if someting is not clear. There are so many sellers…

One of my gig is a $5 gig (no extra on this gig). The prices paid by my 5 last clients are : 35$ - 40$ - 35$ - 50$ - 50$.
I am sure that lots of potential buyers will think that my 5$ price is a fake price to attract them and that I will try to make them buy more than what I write on my gig. Some may be affraid…
I am 95% sure I will never sell this gig anymore.
If I could I would delete these reviews to delete the prices!


Have you noticed a reduction in demand since this new feature was added?


That is an excellent and valid point!!!


And now imagine everyone who passes outside your workplace building could see a poster which told them how much anyone inside earns per hour or month or whatever. :wink: