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Public profile description

My public profile description changes to random stuff. Is someone experiencing the same?

yes, seems like many of us facing the same problems. pls fix it soon, fiverr.
Gig pages side profile descriptions also have changed to something else. not mine.

Seems like everyone’s profiles are mixed up. Been wondering why clients keep calling me strange names lately.
Atm any order placed is done based on false information and according to the terms this is a valid reason for cancellations.

This is so frustrating. It seems as though the Fiverr system is being hacked every day! Surely their first priority should be to invest in better security!

Same here, I’m a copywriter but I’ve become a graphic designer :frowning:

Could you elaborate a bit?
To me it just seems like the messed up when working on the public profile theme files. Most likely a display value is off by a number or too resulting in wrong information being displayed.

Yes, this just happened to me today. Suddenly, I was “an experienced Branding Expert” instead of a voice talent! I had no idea that I had acquired such an advanced new skill overnight. :slight_smile:

But I contacted Fiverr Support, and they fixed it almost immediately.

As buggy as the site has been lately, I’ve been very impressed with Fiverr’s support staff, who are incredibly fast and responsive when you (politely) bring an issue to them. Their job must be very thankless, but they do it very well, in my experience.