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Publicity Offer

I am trying to put this somewhere it won’t distract from other posts so Chit Chat seemed the best, but I’ll be glad to move it if need be.

I have a FB group that I use to advertise my Fiverr gigs and I have other members that also use it for that. Not everyone has an easy way to advertise to social media so this is just one way. If anyone would like to belong and has a FB page, message me and I’ll tell you how to join. This is for directing people back to Fiverr profiles and gigs, not for promoting non-Fiverr business. You can reply here too and I’ll try to watch for posts, but to avoid cluttering up the forum inboxing is just fine. ~Maddie

Hi Maddie, can I see your FB link? I’m always trying to learn from other sellers.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Sure thing. It’s really simple, I just made a FB group and named it for myself and others trying to drum up business. It’s pretty new and therefore small and I just encourage people to use it to advertise or post relevant stuff. I’ll inbox you.

Thanks to those of you who contacted me. If anyone else wants a free advertising location, let me know. I’ll bump this once more in case anyone else wants to, but otherwise I’ll leave it be unless there is a reason to bump it. Happy selling!