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Publish Button Greyed out

My phone number is verified, I made sure all of the information meets the minimum requirements, I filled the tax information, but I still can’t publish my gig. I don’t know what the problem is.

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If you’re stuck on the phone number step, try entering it with the numbers above the keyboard. (It’s weird, but it sometimes works.)

My phone number is already verified. My problem is that the publish button is greyed out. I can’t click Publish Gig.

Huh. And there’s no error message? How long ago did you complete your profile stuff? If less than a day, you might need to wait a bit for the system to verify it all.

No error message at all. I get the “Well Done” message but it’s still greyed out. I made my profile several days ago. I’ve checked my settings and everything is verified.

I guess that means it’s Customer Support time.


Let us know how it goes? And if they give you a fix? (Like the keyboard thing. So that we on the forums might be able to help the next person with the same problem.)

If this not work use on screen keyboard :smiley: