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Publishment of my gig and seeking help from others for getting orders

i am new to fiver and i made my gig best but still there is no order.Kindly me in this case that how i improve my gig and get orders.

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I’m not trying to offend you in any way.

copy copy2

I’m 100% sure that you are copying the gig portfolio of a PRO seller gig.
Please respect other sellers by not copying their works.

Some high-budget potential buyers tend to back search your gig portfolios. If they find that the portfolios on your gig page is not yours, they will never use your service :wink:


The description is also copied, which affects the search results, and the reputation. :slight_smile:


In addition to what has been said suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Okay Sir I wll try to improve my performance and not copy anyone…

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Kindly help how to make a perfect gig in logo designing…I have the ability to design the logo in best way…

Check this out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

If you really do have the design ability, why did you use another person’s design in the beginning? It looks like you’ve changed your sample images, but what I see is an image
of a very low quality and is very grainy (I can’t even read what it says in the second image) and sadly it does not show that you have the skills of a logo designer.

There are plenty of great examples of good logo gigs, what you need to do is check them out and create something of the same level. NOT COPYING.


Welcome to fiverr. Describe your gig perfectly on your own word. Share your gig on social media, try to stay 24hours. per day & send Buyer request everyday.

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I wll try my best Thnx fr support me in gud way:)


After checking out your gigs, I’m sorry to say I am not surprised that you have not gotten any orders.
I know I sound harsh, but I see you have created a writing gig and just by looking at this post,
it is clear that you do not have the proper writing skills ( at least not in English)

Your logo gig shows only 2 samples, and the second image is not even a logo ( at least it doesn’t look like one to me), and again it shows that you do not have the proper skills.

BTW may I point out that when you created your gig in the first place, you used an
image that did not belong to you. You claimed it was a mistake due to the fact that you
were new seller, which I think is quite a lame excuse. I believe whether you are new or not, we should ALL know that taking other people’s stuff is wrong. That already shows you that you
do not have the proper mindset of a business person.

You can leave if you want to, but you calling Fiverr “fake” is a huge mistake.
In my opinion, it is very real with real sellers and real buyers, and since buyers are real,
they look for certain quality.

Again I’m sorry to sound harsh, but I needed to point it out.


It would appear that perhaps this person read on some blog or whatever how “easy” it is to come to Fiverr, create a Gig (or, in his case, copy one) and voila! instant money tree in the backyard. NOPE. By saying you made a “mistake” by copying someone else’s work, that was a lie - you intentionally looked at a PRO Gig and copied it thinking that people who come here to buy are so dumb that they do not see through your ruse.

It also seems as though you may have been led to Fiverr to create Gigs in 2 of the more popular as far as income you can generate categories: logo design and writing. As Zeus said, you do not have a portfolio showing original artwork YOU created that shows you have design experience, and your writing - if you were wanting to write for a client in English anyways, is not up to par to get orders.

Fiverr is NOT fake. People do make money here on a daily basis, but, buyers see right through those Gigs that are poorly thrown together, or appear as though the person is “winging it” - pretending to have knowledge in a certain area, and then realizing after looking at the Gig that the person has no idea what they are doing.

The way to success on Fiverr is to offer a service that you are truly GOOD at and have the aptitude to do in a way that not only shows through your Gig description or portfolio, but also in the work you provide. It also helps if you are passionate about whatever work you are offering on this site.

From what I have seen, even if you would have been lucky enough to get an order, you would have had a short career here. If your idea of making a logo is putting something together with MSPaint or other free software, you are not ready for prime time. You would have had upset buyers who would have either wanted multiple revisions only to cancel and then perhaps come to the forum and complain how the logo designers here are all fake or horrible. Same with the writing Gig you put up. First blog post or short story you would have been commissioned to do would have been met with disappointment by the client, which can end in a bad rating, a refund or cancellation, which can make your career here a very short one. I suggest you find something you are really able to do, not what some blog or other internet whiz said to put up as a Gig for fast money and try again.



I am 100% aware that I should just keep my digital mouth shut at this point, but all @genuineguidance was doing here was pointing out the obvious mistake you made. When you copy something thinking that you can get away with it, that basically means you are not taking work seriously, the buyers seriously, so in the end you are treating them in a dumb way.

Oh trust me, I do tend to deal with people in a soft, encouraging way when I see a new seller asking for help here but only if it is obvious that the person has put in a decent amount of time setting them up.

Rude comments should not stop anyone. BTW, I prefer to be strict, not rude.
However, in your case it is your own lack of understanding that is holding you back.
I would like to believe you have a certain set of skills and you are hardworking.
Sadly, they are not showing at all.

I’ll leave this thread now and won’t be coming back. I’ve said enough.

To others who might be reading this thread who are thinking of not taking Fiverr seriously,
please be warned. If you don’t put your time and effort into it, if you are not being honest and do not have the proper skills, you won’t find success here.


I agree with you 100%.

It saddens me that so many new sellers come here thinking Fiverr is a get-rich-quick website, where all they have to do is copy someone else, and then wait for the orders to roll in. It never happens that way. That’s not how this works, @mshysalar . If you want to be successful, you will be unique, original, and you will offer professional services in the skills you already possess. You will not be successful by copying other sellers, offering services for skills you do not possess, or making demands here on the forums.

if you are serious about being a successful seller, @mshysalar , you are going to need to put on your business pants, think like a businessman/woman, and get busy EARNING your success. Being a freelancer is hard work – and, yes, it’s supposed to be hard. Are here to work hard? Or are you just here hoping to become rich quickly and without any skills or originality?


I am here to work hard…

I don’t really believe you… but I do hope you prove me wrong. :wink:

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Please stop copying text from others. On your gig

You copied text from:

And you really need to work on your English skills. Especially because you want to write articles. You don’t need money to learn English, only work. Here you can find free English Lessons.

There you have it. You have been pointed in the right direction. Now you need to work on it if you want to be successful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yess i Will…And i will not let down your hope…

Yes i will work on it…Thanx For Your Advice sir…

However, on Fiverr the fact that you are “learning from your mistakes” will not fly with your buyers and soon you will see your money fly out the window :money_with_wings: because the buyer will cancel the order when you deliver your “mistakes.” :wink: