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Punished for a faulty buyer

I’ve lost my level 1 to level 0 even though my performance is great overall, didn’t have a single person complaining yet.
Now there is one buyer who had purchased the cheapest package of my gig while demanding stuff that is only included in the most expensive package. It could have been avoided if he had read the gig at all or at least contact me before ordering (which is recommended in my gig area and it’s mentioned in the gig, too).
Anyway I explained him everything in detail as to what’s included in the packages and why he has purchased the wrong one. As he isn’t willing to pay the proper price and I wasn’t willing to do work for way below my price, we have agreed to move on and cancel the order.
Why am I getting punished now for such a buyer?
If that is how Fiverr treats their sellers, I might think of quitting Fiverr after a year honestly.

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