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Punished for too many orders


It is possible!

You have no control over how many orders come in, and if too many come in at the same time (pausing not always an option for some people as orders can take you by surprise e.g. 40+ gigs ordered by one person) then you can either cancel it or risk negative feedback for late delivery. Both result in a cancellation on your account :confused:

This means you are punished by being popular 0_o mutual cancellations are worth as much as standard ones by the way. This is because Fiverr removes levels based on % cancellation. So you have no choice but to actually complete them :s


Recently I’ve had some difficulty meeting some deadlines due to the complex orders they were — 9 x out of 10, if you ask for extensions, most buyers grant them unless it was some ASAP order that needed to be done fast.

Maybe you should go back to your gigs and extend the delivery times due to high volumes? Then when things are quiet, you can edit them accordingly?

kjblynx said:
  • Just got to keep communication up and maybe extend your delivery times.

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  • The problem is, you have no control over how much people order. I could extend to 15 days. Wake up in the morning and find somebody has ordered 2 x $100 gigs. Impossible to complete in 15 days when working on other things. Anybody could be surprised by a huge order that their delivery time scale doesn't take into account.


    It would be nice if in an individual order, you and the buyer could agree to a time extension. Or if for non-24 hours gigs, there could be a seller’s accept/reject button. But as it stands if an order is placed we either:

    1. Must complete it, risking a negative review if not completed on time.
    2. Initiate a cancellation, affecting us negatively.
    3. Accept a buyer’s cancellation, affecting us negatively.

      The best we can do is try to gauge what delivery time is low enough to still attract buyers but high enough to incorporate a large volume of orders.