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Puppies for everyone



Um, you have any rotties?


No Rotties, but Scottie pinwheel;

Thanks @newsmike - those wee faces! :slightly_smiling_face:


How about some of these?


LOL, a nice way to shift the conversation, Mike! :sunglasses:

I’ll take a teacup pup. :ribbon: :relaxed:

Warning cuteness overload ahead:


Nom-nom :watermelon:
I’m going to nom-nom, too. :green_salad::stew: :watermelon::fork_and_knife:


Love :heart: Rough Collies! :slightly_smiling_face:

Had one called Cara - we lost her years ago.


I could work with a Scottie pinwheel - but only one.

Those collies have @misscrystal written all over them; so darn cute!

Yup, teacup pup is definitely @nikavoice; the one of the bottom looks a lot like @Woofy31, though. :slight_smile: