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Purchase a course from fiverr

Good day, I want to purchases a Fiverr course but currently having issues with my card. is it possible to purchase Fiverr learn course with my Fiverr account balance…?

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Currently, we only accept credit or debit cards, so paying with your Fiverr balance is not available. In the future, we plan to enable payment via your account balance.

The above is from here:

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A possible workaround: Since Fiverr Learn has a “Pay with PayPal” option, if you set your PayPal account to have USD as default (not your local currency), then withdraw your Fiverr balance to PayPal, then you should be able to buy courses directly from your PayPal’s USD balance in USD without going through any conversion at all. That will save you a few bucks avoiding the double-conversion.

A caveat: Fiverr doesn’t allow any choice in the amount you withdraw (which sucks!) so all of your current Fiverr balance will be withdrawn to PayPal.

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