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Purchased a gig but didn't?


The other day I got charged $25 for an order that I DID NOT order. I hadn’t accessed my account in about 3 or so days and every week I change my password. Before you ask, no, I do not share my emails or any information. When I got back on to check if I had any sells, I decided to check my paypal balance because I have to pay some bills and I was hoping some funds cleared so I can add to my paypal. So I check and I didn’t have much except; a $25 bank withdrawal going to a gig that offered Instagram followers. P.s I do NOT have an instagram and I DID NOT order. Personally, I would never order anything regarding followers, likes, subs, etc etc. I do not trust them.

So Fiverr tells me they fixed it and the gig showed up in my account. I was able to cancel it thankfully but now it’s in my buyer funds and I cannot use it? They said they’ll do a one time thing and send me that 25. This wasn’t my fault, I swear to God I had no say in all this. Why the heck did this happen to me? Has this happened to anyone because I was not able to pay my bill because of this. All I needed was $45 and I had about 32 or so in my fiverr and about 10 in my paypal. Now I owe MORE money because when I could have easily transfered my Fiverr balance to my Paypal balance, money was taken out and now there’s a damn late fee + my bank now has a negative balance!

Why does the internet have to be so cruel!


So it has been over a week and now that money is in my shopping balance. Money I never paid, money I didn’t authorize and I was relying on that money. Now I owe more money because they couldn’t do something so simple. I love Fiverr don’t get me wrong but this is the worst support I ever received.


Yeah, I’ll have to agree with you on that. Fiverr has the worst customer support ever. In fact, it’s so ridiculous, I don’t even have a clue where to go to even get to the customer service :blush:

This hasn’t happened to me (yet) and hopefully won’t. And all I can really offer is an apology in the name of Fiverr, because I am certain they will never say it.

Good luck in future times to come!



They got it figured out, I guess they have to run all options that are in their policy/guidelines before going out of their way to help me. When they did, Fiverr did an awesome job at helping me and they’ve been pretty great to me lately :slight_smile:

Glad things worked out and I hope no one goes through that like I did, if so, hope it’s resolved as well as mine did in the end.