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Purchased from a "Top Seller" who was supposed to deliver a few hours ago and I have nothing

This person has also not communicated at all since the purchase which was two days ago. I messaged her earlier today to see if she was working on my gig and no response. How long do I wait before I cancel? I don’t understand it because her response time says she responds within 18 hours which would have been last night. I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but I am bothered that I have had no communication what so ever at least letting me know she is behind or something, anything. :frowning:

I know I can always cancel but she has a lot of gigs so I was trying to be patient and not jump to conclusions. But now we are over the 48 hour mark with no response. I now have a message from Fiverr that the “seller is approaching deadline and if she doesn’t respond in another 24 hours I can cancel”. A little disappointing but oh well.

If it’s still not delivered within 24 hrs, you should see a cancellation button on the order. If you click on it your payment will be refunded to your Fiverr balance. I agree that the seller should be communicating with you, especially if it is now late.

thank you @typingservice

Just to update she did finally deliver, she had a family emergency. So were good now lol.

Reply to @jk3rr1gan: Nice to hear it worked out for you!

I personally think it was very nice of you to wait, and even message them before attempting a cancel. Sometimes things happen and orders go over time limit, but I personally feel that one should give a chance to fix any errors or do whatever else to make sure the customer is satisfied before cancelling orders, leaving negative reviews, etc.

Reply to @adversity: I agree. I was in a really terrible car accident, once, and was in a distant hospital for a very long time. My long-distance friends just figured I was being a hard-working single mom, too busy to answer emails! But then my mailboxes got full & bounced emails back…that’s when they figured out something must be wrong.

So, yeah, stuff happens, and sometimes it’s totally unexpected and major and you don’t have time to take care of the details until later.

Some people seem to embrace impatience like it’s a virtue, and that is really too bad.

Thanks all for your kind words. :slight_smile: I definitely want to give people a chance because I would want the same in return if I were in their shoes.

Glad you managed to get it sorted. Just a heads up, a lot of seller won’t respond to an order notification unless it’s necessary (such as more information being needed, or something needs clarifying). For me personally, it’s not out of ignorance, it’s simply that I receive a lot of orders and messages.