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Purchases, Refunds, but No Balance, please Help I don't Understand


I don’t know what to do I have been buying Fiverr gig’s for years, I was in an accident years ago, since then I have the hardest time remembering, my Fiver Gig’s believe me people, I wish I can figure out a way, to remember my Fiverr Gigs. I believe you guy’s are on Face Book do you or could you start sending reminder messages especially for people like me, I mean I can’t be the only one right? If you look at Sept- November 1st. I keep paying but I never remember, so the it get canceled, but my refunds never go into my Fiver Account.


Hi Starlite. :slight_smile: If you didn’t get a refund after cancellation of a gig(s) you ordered, you should probably send a message to customer service. They could look into it for you.