Purchases to rate, not there, one to do, nothing to do


Since the old version I am told that I need to review some gigs, but none is listed there (see attachment), I also have (new fiver) 1 to do item, telling me to review a gig, and when I click on it the gig is already reviewed.

There must be some probs in the DB…


Sorry for the above post with the double placement of the same image. Sometimes an upload just doesn’t show at first, then when you re-do the upload, they both show.

What? Image upload issues at Fiverr? Unthinkable!


Same with my purchases.

My last three buys over the last month were all completed nicely with positive feedback left by me, but it still shows that 3 purchases are “Awaiting May Review” under the Shopping tab in my profile. (No such notices appear in the “To Do” or the Message Bubble headers, though.)