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Purchasing a Exclusive Video

Hi All,

I recently purchase a Exclusivevideo on the 2nd Jun, this was due to be delivered to me on 4th of Jun it is now 6th of Jun and I still haven’t receive my purchase. When accepting the purchase payment was made straight away via paypal then the order while I have no problem with the process I believe it is flawed do to the fact that payment was made but the service was not rendered. I submitted to the Customer Support (Hugo) and they have inform me that my complaint have been resolve and I need to get in touch with the developer and see why I haven’t receive my order. How can this be resolve when I haven’t receive my purchase, the only time this is resolve is when I have the product in my hand.

Please explain if this is your process ?

I’m sure when CS told you to resolve it, they met for you to send a message to the seller and ask what’s up. There may be an issue or problem and the only way to resolve it is to contact the seller.