Purchasing gigs with the money of sold gigs?


I have about 62$ in my balance made off with fixing html/css/php codes and creating website (like 40$ is actually in my balance, the rest is about to come). And my question was, is it possible to purchase a gig with my balance without using paypal? When I tried to purchase it sent me to the paypal page.


Yes, it’s possible to purchase a Gig from a Fiverr seller with just your balance, as long as you have enough money that is readily available in your balance. I purchased from a seller here and just had to click order the Gig and choose to use my Fiverr balance, and it was as simple as that. No PayPal needed. :slight_smile:


Reply to @arnevb: Are you sure about that? I have cancelled before and had the money return to a different “pot”, not available to withdraw, only to spend again


Reply to @arnevb: ah, they must have updated it, I haven’t cancelled in a while. My only cancellations come from ordering by accident. The contact link shouldn’t be so close to the order button!