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Purchasing more expensive services from sellers

I have tried 5/6 times to make a purchase of over 500 euros. Each time the amount would leave my card. Then the order would not be put through then hours later the money will be returned. I tried again on friday night and this time the money left my account but never returned.

i have asked the team at fiverr for help, and they keep sending me silly one liners.

I paid with card and they are saying paypal processed the payment.

This makes 0 sense. i dont have any paypal details on the account. I keep getting the run around by the support team. different people reply.

I just want my money back of my order processed!

Ok, maybe you will use it in a future purchase? Or you can withdraw with Paypal and there is a Bank transfer option, I think there is no another method. Wait until customer support answers you, they may respond in 48 hours.