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Purple dot on my Message tab keeps showing, but all my messages have been read

Fiverr insists I have unread messages, but it’s not true.

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.

I highly recommend you not to show your buyers/sellers usernames when you post a screenshot or record on forum. If you really want to post, just blur them.


You are very right about this

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Hi @sunny_apples

Please do as per @helloscoopz ‘s advice. It’s against forum rules to show buyers’/sellers’ name.

As for your query: If there are no active/new orders or messages, you’ll just need to refresh the page.


happened to me and has been solved automatically.

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Did you check your spam folder contained in the inbox?


Sorry about the questionable screenshot, it was removed. But here is a new one with no usernames on it.

I know it’s super annoying, but it won’t affect your ratings. Just a lag in updating what you have read.

Are you part of the Fiverr staff? It doesn’t look like it. Why are you comforting me? I am here to simply report a bug.
Hopefully someone from the Fiverr staff can take a look at this and fix this glitch. It’s making it difficult for me to know when I have new messages, and when I don’t.

I’m “comforting” you because this is a forum and that and support are partly what forums are all about, where applicable. You don’t need to be on Fiverr staff to be supportive. Peer support is important.

Also, the forum isn’t the place to go for support from Fiverr staff. You need to get a ticket for that as staff don’t monitor or respond to things here.


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Here is the link for Customer Support:


Strange. Fiverr has a “Report-a-Bug” forum, but doesn’t care about what’s posted here? Hmmm…

I think the topic is for Fiverr users to warn other users of issues that are happening. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s June now and I still have this problem. I wonder what I can do to fix this.
It even happens if I log in with a different browser.

The reason I am writing here again is because I was late to respond to a client because I didn’t see that I had a new message. :frowning:

I’ll send this topic to the customer service to see if they can help me.

I’ve submitted a request to Fiverr support, and they have agreed that it is a troublesome bug since I’ve already went into red because I couldn’t see my new messages.

They have redirected me to the Fiverr Tech Team where I’ve submitted a video demonstrating the problem.
They are now looking into it and I am on a stand by. I will inform you guys about how well it goes.

If any of you have this bug, do report it because it is indeed a big deal. My own “customer response rating” was negatively effected by this bug, and eventually, so will yours.

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