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Put better notifications on the inbox!


I do detailed drawings, and quite often people ask me on inbox whether it is possible for me to even complete the drawing before they order. I always reply, but too often they don’t - I get the impression that they don’t even see that they’ve been inboxed, since the notification for the inbox on the header is so tiny. took me a while to notice it.

suggestion: add a larger little number next to the inbox, make it a different colour, put a notification near the centre of the screen… anything! i imagine a lot of people use this site only once and aren’t used to its layout.


I personally never felt that the yellow notification box is tiny. Yes, it needs to be more dynamic but it sure does get the required attention.


They do get an email telling them they have a new message, it even has a link to the message on it.

You are probably subject to the many time wasters out there or those looking to trick you into doing the work for nothing.