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Put gigs into suspend mode, they are active now, but the waiting game stinks!

I went on vacation last week and I don’t think I should have suspended my gigs because I was getting 2-3 orders a day and not one order this week!!

Anyone ever had trouble with this?

I have heard people having this trouble before! May be extending the time frame for your gigs would help in future.

This happened to me. When people see a bunch of orders in your queue & figure it must be a good gig so more people order. If you wrap up all your orders then go on vacation & come back then your queue is empty and you dont get any orders, or your gig has been replaced with another one similar or higher ranking than yours because its been suspended so long. I think its best to tell people in your description how long you’ll be gone then extend your delivery date to give yourself enough time. Its always best to keep your gigs LIVE.

Could just be coincidental. When I searched your gigs in your categories, in most of them you’re showing up in a reasonable to find place. Perhaps doing some keyword research to figure out the most beneficial keywords reflecting your gig may be a good idea.

This covers the basics of what I am talking about in much more detail,

The way around this is to not go on vacation =)


Reply to @adnagam: That’s hilarious :slight_smile:

I extended my delivery time and put a message in the gigs that I’d be away (and included the date of my return and explained that the delivery time had been changed to reflect this). I’m not sure what I’d do if I was away for longer, if I knew in advance that I’d be unable to work on gigs/deliver them (no internet for instance) or just not want to work on anything. On one hand, you’re on vacation so you should be able to enjoy it, but I’ve only heard horror stories of people, however temporarily, suspending their gigs only to have the same issue as you’re having now. And I don’t get that many orders, so for me it’d really go down to zero and I’d have to start all over again.

Have you done a search for them? I would do this when not logged in, because that would probably give you a more accurate answer (maybe also if you used a different computer so that the IP address isn’t the same — or am I the only one who is paranoid and thinking that the search function on Fiverr shows your own gigs listed higher if they know it’s you looking?).

I hope it picks back up for you soon!

I am so glad there is a vacation mode now…this ruined me for a little while…