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Putting a gig in several catagary

I am a content creator(my category: [Writing & Translation ). I want to know if I can put a gig on a category like Data Entry


Why you want to do this? I mean Your gig won’t show when people search content writer or something like that? as far I know data entry is another category , If I am not wrong


Hi @ryzen_writer ,Yes you can put a gig on Data Entry Category.

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You can put your gig in another category but it might affect you negatively, even if you want to rank for another category, consider a category that is similar to your previous category


I think it’s better to create a new gig rather than placing the gig in different categories. One has to be stable I think but I’m wondering why one would desire placing “one” gig in various categories?


Choose the category that better fits the services you are offering. This is from Fiverr Help and Education :point_down:t2:


Select the most appropriate category and subcategory for the service you are offering. If you’re unsure, search Fiverr’s marketplace for similar services to see how other sellers have categorized their services. Fiverr will also recommend a category and subcategory based on the title of your Gig.

Note: Fiverr reserves the right to move your Gig to a more relevant category/subcategory if deemed necessary.

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Thanks for the clarification :+1:

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You must place your concert in the appropriate category. Note that Fiverr asks for skills for certain categories.

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