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Putting [Contact Me Before Order] in the gig header

I saw this in the Featured list today from a seller …“I will write C Sharp program [Contact me before order] for $5”

Good idea to bracket the “CONTACT ME” in the header? Bad idea? Perfect way to avoid cancellations? Last resort? Looks good/bad/indifferent? Worth it no matter what it looks like? (I’m pretty sure it’s an act of desperation on the seller’s part after many issues, but is it effective?)

Anyone have thoughts?

It’s not a feature or a suggestion. It’s something the seller manually wrote into their gig header. I was wondering if other sellers thought it was wise to do that or if it ruined the aesthetic presentation of the gig.

I’m the seller of that gig :wink:

I put that part in the header after a lot of undesired orders placed:

  • without contacting me
  • containing requests I cannot complete 'cause I’m not able to

    Usually this happens because buyers don’t read gig detailed description, but only title.

    So, after asking around, I received this suggestion and I decided to edit my header.

    Someone else told me to insert this in the very first row of detailed description.

    What do you think?

    Naturally this doesn’t help with spammers… but maybe helps with careless buyers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: I think it’s incredibly eye-catching and I hope it works. I’m just wondering if this would affect sales or how buyers viewed the gig. It seems really smart to me, but sort of last ditch? I’m wondering if more sellers should do this or does it waste precious header space.

Reply to @arnevb: wonderful!! You really are a genius!!

Unfortunately this demonstrates that buyers don’t go beyond header and (perhaps) some line in detailed description :frowning:

Reply to @arnevb: WOW. That’s amazing. Very educational.

Instead of putting “CONTACT ME” in the header, I made a video and make it as simple and informative as I could. Also I tell them to check the description for a certain details they might need to know, so they are “forced” to read my gig description, lol. :smiley:

Reply to @madmoo: putting brackets was easy: just edited my existing gig :wink: When I created it I wasn’t able to put C# (exact name of the language I use) so I had to use C Sharp… but with brackets I had no problem now.

I think that putting a “watch video please” is not fair for non English people: probably your gigs are wonderful and I can choose them by reading description… but if I need to watch and understand the video, probably I won’t be able to do it and skip them…

Anyway, most of the buyers don’t read description at all… this is a fact…

Reply to @yuribelle: I completely disagree, as I answered @madmoo: my English (sigh) is not so good to understand what you say and so, if I don’t have a valid description in your gig, I will skip it completely!!! And if you sell all over the world you can’t force people to have an “high” level of spoken English comprehension… you know what I mean…

Ah, naturally, sorry for my poor English :wink:

Reply to @madmoo: believe me: I can read books in English, I can read technical manuals, I can read whitepapers and even write people on blogs and websites like Fiverr. But if I watch at many videos (or, worst, movies, I’m happy if I lose 50% of the conversation… many times I completely miss to understand what the “actor” wants to say…

So, reading and writing needs a lower level of English knowledge than understanding a real conversation :wink:

If you use images or very little spoken… well, maybe I can understand what you say :smiley:

By the way, your headers seem absolutely self-descriptive, arent’ they?

I have CONTACT ME FIRST on one of my gigs only 10% of buyers do so before ordering.

Reply to @ozzieuk: that’s the reason I’m continuosly demanding a “Decline order button” ( :slight_smile:

Naturally, this shouldn’t affect sellers rating!! :wink:

Reply to @mark74: well, I don’t really talk in my video, I’m not a native english speaker :smiley:

my gig is providing illustration service, so the video I made is for self intro, what I do, what you should know and will get, also some portfolios. Just some pictures, texts and nice music. :wink:

The moral of the story is that people - buyers or just about anyone - don’t pay attention. They’re lazy and generally only act on what is right in front of their eyes. The “contact me before ordering” in the gig title is a great idea. It won’t take away from the “aesthetic” presentation of the gig. It’s called “a call to action” and it’s the cornerstone of effective advertising.

Fiverr is a rapid-turnover environment - folks are just looking to get what they want and get it cheaply & quickly. The same applies to the gig videos. Fiverr encourages gig videos because it makes itself much more search friendly. And yes, potential buyers want to see exactly what they’re going to get for the money, but they don’t want to sit through complicated instructions on how to get it. Keep it short & sweet. And if your gig is requires fairly complicated instructions, consider rewriting as simple step by step directions instead of a ‘story’.

My two cents have been spent. :o)

I want to know why fiverr has the BIG ORDER BUTTON up at the top, and the Contact Me as a little link, under the read me. The 2 NEED to be put side by side. Even with a big and bold CONTACT ME FIRST, I still receive orders before questions. It caused a minor gig to have extras disabled, and it may very well screw up my main gig, at this rate!

Fivver needs to update their website so sellers can have the option to have a button that says contact me versus having the option to order. It is very very confusing for the buyer when they see the purchase option. That way it will save a lot of confusion on the purchaser and buyer

Do you mean something like this?


Good info, I did not know that I have seen the big contact me first plastered on the front of their page but then the purchase button still there so maybe there needs to be some more education in the community about being able to turn off that purchase button

To be honest, there’s no real need for you to contact sellers before placing the order. Sellers can’t hold that against you as Fiverr has designed their system keeping in mind that buyer like yourself would like to have a hassle-free purchasing experience: just clicks a few buttons and upload relevant files/documents and voila, your order has been placed.

However, there is a valid reasons why sellers ask buyers to contact them first before placing the order. You see, not every buyer is as shrewd as you and some buyers just do not really understand the seller’s skills/their capabilities and can end up ordering something the seller is not capable of doing.

There are some other buyers who do not even go through the entire gig description of a seller before ordering from them (which, as you can imagine, will be disastrous for both the buyer as well as the seller).

This is the reason why sellers often prefer buyers to contact them first so that they can better understand the project and let the buyer know if they are capable of working on the order.

However, since Fiverr likes to give buyers the freedom to choose whether or not they would like to contact the seller first before placing the order, Fiverr gives buyers both options. You can choose either of them. That’s the reason why Fiverr does not just remove the purchase button.

Want to be sure that you are going to get what you asked for? In my opinion, it’s better to contact the seller first.

Fiverr is not going to help make that decision for you. It is all in the buyers’ hands. Buyers have the freedom of choice.